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SNSD teases

January 23, 2010

For their new single OH!

Check it out:

The girls ARE LOOKING HOT~ I think the blonde hair REALLY suits Jessica, it makes her look REALLY GOOD!! THe song sounds like it will be a HIT like Gee. VEry colourful & happy for a song~ CAN’t WAIT for it to be released!!

The promotional picture for SNSD’s OH!

EXTRA pciture of SNSD in traditional Korean costumes!! Looking good!~~


2NE1 vs. f(x) & Big Bang vs. MIC – LOLLIPOP

January 12, 2010

Remember the korean advertisment for the Lollipop phone last year (OMG so long ago) featuring 2NE1 & Big Bang? Well this year a chinese version of the advertisment has been made! Featuring f(x) & a chinese group MIC. CHECK out the MV :

Similar things include the colour explosion & the catchy tone. Sadly MIC is no Big Bang & f(x) is no 2NE1. But otherwise a pretty good mv & I’m glad to hear Victoria & Amber so confident~ The high pitched (chipmunk like) voice in the begining is a little annoying though XP. I feel only Amber carried off the fluoro colour look & SULLY’s ajumma hair!!!!! GOOD LORD!

Compare with the awesome original: (ok I’m a little biased)

I personally feel the korean version is BETTER (even though I’m chinese LOL). Oh well, which version do YOU think won this contest?


January 12, 2010

On the new season of Idol Army MBLAQ members got to have a DATE with T-ara members. Now sadly the episode hasn’t been english subbed yet..but LUCKILY I understand chinese!!!! YAHHH So I’ll translate interesting parts of this episode but I’m sure the chemistry between the members speak for itself! LOL

I must admit MBLAQ is SO CUTE! Aside from their charisma on stage they are REALLY kawaii!~~ G.O is such a great cook plus he can sing & dance REALLY well!! I’m impressed  by G.O. I LOLED at the black plastic bag LUNCH!!! LOL

I have to say out of the 5 couples I like Lee Joon & Hyomin the best! Although the whole Thunder calling Eunjung noona thing is funny! Because Eunjung is 2 years older than him (she looked a little shocked)! Thunder = 99.9% Mr Bean!! LOL Lee Joon & Hyomin are like on an actual DATE, teaching her how to skate & everything! So sweet (wanna vomit right about now!)

SERIOUSLY Joon & Hyomin should just DATE~ So..lovey dovey! LOL at Mir….poor boy !


January 12, 2010

They have been SO busy lately! Good for the boys~ Their new song is called Tik Tok Featuring beautiful actress Yoon Eun Hye, CHECK IT OUT

I’m liking the song, the tik tok tik tok tik tok bit is very catchy!  The piano arrangement in the background is quite soothing combined with the beats & less auto-tuned voices = GREAT SONG! The rapping was VERY well done in my opinion! I feel that 2PM’s rapping ability has improved alot!

But when I saw the title of the song the first thing I thought of was Kesha’s Tik Tok! I like Kesha’s song  a lot too, but it is totally different! See the difference for yourselves:

I wonder if the members & management of JYP know how much of a HIT Kesha’s Tik Tok is?

Single picture – LIKING the way Taecyeon oppa looks!!! SEXY

Hence some extra EYE CANDY!!! 😉

Thelma Aoyama & Taeyang Fall in love

January 9, 2010

Wow, MY favourite Jpop singer decides to collaborate with TAEYANG who is from my favourite Kpop group!! The song is called ‘Fall In Love’ – HOT NEW TRACK

CHeck out the full track:

I like the song already! It’s very catchy with Thelma’s low & feminie voice combined with Taeyang’s charsmatic voice!!! AWESOME COMBO!! In love with both of their voice therefore TOTALLY digging the song. Taeyang’s Japanese is REALLY good (I would know), I’m very proud of him! This song proves that Big bang DID deserve that Rookie award!

A little background on Thelma Aoyama

She was a RnB singer in Japan who became EXTREMELY famous with her hit ‘Soba ni irune’ featuring Soulja, which is a song I 100% recommend! Very good song that got stuck in my head, have a listen =

I’m BACK~~~

January 3, 2010

After not having the internet for an ENTIRE month we finally RECONNECTED!!!!! YEah~~~ but because my computer is completely empty right now, I’ll need to collect some info & pictures before I can start blogging kpop again but it won’t long don’t worry!!

I ‘ve MISSED this blog like crazy!!!

it’s SO good to be back blogging ~~~ especially since BIG BANG are coming back SOON, so is Lee Hyori, Kim Jongkook oppa & (i hope) Jaebom oppa~~ Thankyou to everyone that read my blog & commented ♥ uuuu guys~~~


2PM’s Full album release, perhaps with Jaebeom?

November 9, 2009

Or rather it should be 1:59PM’s full album release with their title track – Heartbeat!

 CHECK IT OUT & support these boys becasue they need it right now. Without their leader it’s quite a sad comeback… but there are developments in the return of Jaebeom!:

JYP Entertainment stated:

“We slightly touched upon Jaebeom’s possible return, JYP’s statement can be considered another step in that direction. But it is not set in stone. However, this should at least answer fans’ confusion and clear up the situation a bit.”

Jae BETTER be BACK!!! I will be praying & doing some vodoo magic just to get him back!!!!!!

2PM releases Heartbeat

In the album cover Junho reminds me ALOT of Rain! Sexy~

TRACKLIST from their album

1. My Heart
2. Heartbeat
3. 기다리다 지친다
4. 너에게 미쳤었다
5. Gimme The Light
6. Back 2U
7. All Night Long
8. Heartbeat (Red Light Mix)
9.10점 만점에 10점 (10/10)
10. Only You (Acoustic Mix)
11. Again & Again
12. 니가 밉다 (Lounge Mix)
13. 돌아올지도 몰라 (Bossa Nova Mix)


I wonder if its just me but I think almost every song is related to Jaebeom even though it probably isn’t. I like the song but the begining rap is hmmmmmm, it’s going on repeat for the next 2 days!

Some of the other songs fromt their new album:


Only You acoustic version

Jaebeom’s voice is in the song!!!!!!!

Heartbeat – REd light mix

I’m loving the mix version (a little bit more) than the original!!! The beats & melody are better.

I was Crazy About You

Gimme the light

Tired of Waiting

My personal FAVOURITE song from the album, I like the beat, the lyrics, the meaning EVERYTHING!

My Heart – the intro song

All night long

You Might comeback (Bossa Nova mix)

I LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE this song!! HIGHLY recommended!

I hate you (Lounge Mix)


I agree with one of the comments on Youtube, Jaebeom will return & they will make a repackaged version of the album featuring his voice in EVERY song! Then name the album 2PM not 1:59 PM. Jae oppa we will be waiting for your return!