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Journal – 日記

I know, I know.. isn’t a blog a journal already?! But this page will be more of a conventional journal. You know, stuff like what I did, or what I’m feeling. It will also be pretty short & concise!

4/9/09 – La Cha Ta f(x)

I’m seriously sleepy right now, but I know I’ve got an EPIC weekend coming up. Chem at North Shore then UNSW open day on Saturday. Then sunday is ANIMANIA! I still can’t believe I’m going……..kinda weird since I didn’t really enjoy it too much last year, but none the less I shall enjoy it this year. CAUSE IT’S FREE! Beautiful. I’m so cheap but it is a little over priced. This year there is NO WAY i’m going into the karaoke comp. Unless I want to make everyone’s ears bleed. HAHA. It’ll be funny though I might be sued. Still I should sing, cause if I don’t I have nothing else to do!

Good luck to Lucie for her Jap Extension 2moro!!!!!!! Ganbatte kudasai ne. Makenaide ne! Going to d/l La Cha Ta!


5/9/09 – Heartbreaker Music Bank perf Gdragon

It was HECTIC today. First I had to get up, if that wasn’t hard enough I had to go to Eastgardens for a hour to buy stuff then I had to rush to Chem, which Marie wasn’t there for! (T___T) I prefer her over Ben, although Ben’s not a bad teacher…’s more like he’s not sure what’s going on. After soaps and artifical soaps and everyone’s inability to prounce anionic surfactants. Helen, Amanda & I headed off to UNSW, thank god it was close by, otherwise I would have DIED! Helen met up with Jiaqi while me & Amanda started walking around with Dajana, SO MUCH science! I THANK YOU FELICIA! YOur cool, sweet and smooth pearl milk tea saved my life! It was the only thing I ate since breakfast! Then we ended up in a chem lecture, in which the lady speaking kept walking around so I couldn’t hear her properly. Oh well. Then I went to have lunch with Mom! Which was FREE! AWESOME, ok the food was alright but the fact that it’s free is great! Looking forward to ANIMANIA!

Happy Birthday LUCIE TOWERS! You are offically legal~~ OMGEE!



I Don’t Care (Reggae Version) – 2NE1

ANIMANIA was CRAP. Okay, I got that out, kinda feel a little better. Yes, it was not great there wasn’t much there. But I did manage to get some highlights.

1. The ousan singing Chala-head-chala! It made me LOL. He was really good! Loud enough to cover the sound from games & on main stage! Enjoyed it

2. Da chan’s song! You did well sweetie!!! ~~ They better let you into the finals or I’m sueing them for sure! ❤ u

3. Da chi’s friend’s song! Raw talent LOVED it!

4. Hetalia crew, weird that China was an European girl but it was pretty good! Japan was so kawaii~

Sadly the day was a bit stressful for Luki, she’s got her art due tomorro, so it was too hectic for her! daijoubu! dekirukarane! But K-ing by myself for 15 minutes was a weird experience. Kinda felt lonely but….strange. i find it funny that people speak to me in Korean, even though I have no clue what they’re on about! Happened before in a Korean resturant, where the guy talked to me in Korean. Today the lady at K was like that too, full on ‘blah blah blah’ in korean, about where we were suppose to go. Luckily I knew what ‘over there’ was in Korean otherwise I would be SO LOST. hahahahaha. But I like that lady she’s really nice~ even bowing to me!! Anyway, after K I went to buy buns for Daddy, which he ate.

Happy Fathers Day- Daddy! (I’m still gonna kill you). School tomorro (>____<) oh well.


19/9/09 – Jaebum’s Fan SOng – Waiting for you

I’m still crying everytime I listen to the song or read the lyrics. OPPA, we really wish you can come back! Wow, almost formal time (AND I havn’t lost any of the weight I was planning to T_T) I’m scared…HSC seems closer than ever and I don’t feel prepared at all, especially for english. I know it’ll count yet I’m not sure what I can do about it……write essays? write notes? write stories? Do I have the time? I don’t wanna answer any of these questions.

I thought I would be somewhat happy to leave school, but I’m NOT. It grew on me, or maybe its just the people that grew on me. LOVE all the adorable juniors whom brighten my day when I see them in the hall ways. thankyou guys for being so stress-free and cute ❤ ❤ I’ll miss the club SO SO SO SO much! Especially our beautiful management team! I’ll visit! 1000% ❤ you guys! I’ll miss the teachers too, especially the teachers who actually taught me in yr 11 & yr 12 – Ms Livesey, Ms Jagger, Ms Gibbons, Ms Jones, Ms Shiragaki! I have a feeling I’ll be crying like no tomorro on graduation night! Which my mom will be there for! I feel closer to her than EVER before…….hehe.

After shopping for ANOTHER day at Easties I feel sick of that place, service these days is TRULY horrible. So weird. But there was a cute guy working at Priceline!

私は今ヂエトをしたいけど。。。。あまりしませんでした、もっと太って似なるかも。これから、デエトをしてみたいよ。ま、デエトじゃないけど、healthy eating とno overeating ですよね。今のわたしは75ケーロで、ふっとていろよ。私は55ケーロにすごくなりたいとおもうわ。無図かしことね、自分もわかるよ、けど。。。ま、ゆめいかな。そして、私は日本語のクラスの一番になりました。すごくうれしかったよ。でも、びくりしたよ、speaking はあんまりよくなかったからです。ビジネスもいちばんいなったらもっと、うれしくなるかも知らない。日記に書くのが好きな私はすごくいそがしくばるからやめなければなりません。かなしいいことね。時間があったら、書くつもりけど、急がし世。私は93ATARをどらなければなりませんから、すごく急がしと思う。



Jaebum fan song – Waiting for you

When I started to talk to my Dad, tears literally started to flow. I guess me wanting to cry was true. It is SUCH a small thing but I really couldn’t stop crying. I’m just SO DISSPOINTED in myself. 0.5%…….. I’m not sure what to say to myself……… ‘don’t worry, its just a tiny mark’ , ‘you’ll do better in the HSC’………. It doesn’t help. I guess listening to one of the saddest songs in the world, makes me want to cry some more. Chocolate doesn’t help, I wish it did, but it doesn’t. Actually ‘Back then I should’ve done better’ from the song REALLY apply to my situation… 😦 Today has been one of the worst times…… But it will inspire me to do better, to be better. Clique I know but it does, what doesn’t kill you can ONLY make you better (once you have overcomed it). I will learn from this experience, and TRY not to experience this EVER again. I want to be the one that gets those extra 0.5% to top the class……guess I’m still a bit upset. Will phone friend tonight to rant about it. I’m such a nerd. 🙂


just trying out the polls. Having done some of my chem homework. I feel like being lazy again (>______<)

COOL! It works! LOVE wordpress !!!!!!! Anyway I just did that poll cause I couldn’t think of a better one but hey its cool!!!!! Gonna use that heaps now (maybe not). After doing my UAC appllications I feel a little stressed. Am I really smart enough to get into pharmacy? can I ace an exam that I haven’t even seen before that costed $114?? Am I even ok with going to USYD?? Kill me.


I have a Jap song stuck in my head (just the melody, so I don’t know the title)

I wonder who even read this page. BUT first and foremost

THE HSC IS OVER~~~~~!!!!!!!

SUper SUper happy about it! I felt like I was on cloud 9 after Jap! I’m really SO thankful that my last exam was Jap, if it had been Chem I would be crying. But luckily it was Jap and it was in a nice, warm (more like hot), cosy classroom on level 4 as oppose to the cold & dim MPC. It’s been a hell of 3 weeks, exam after exam. My low light was probably Maths Ext1 then Bio. Cause I didn’t study for either & there were no seats in the library when I wanted to study!!!!! Yeah it’s over I’m just going to hope that it won’t be counted! That would be good. Currently just selling my books & chilling out at home. I said i was gonna ‘PAR~ty’ after my exams but that will come later. Right now i just want to get some rest. Feeling a little exhausted mentally & physically. After a month break I need to find a part time job, apply for my passport & etc…….

Then STUDY for STAT!!!! Damn, english wordiness (not really a word) but there’s JUST so much english involved in the exam! *sigh* At least no archaic stuff that would drive me off the wall!! Good luck to everyone still killing themselves & ppl doing Economics today! LOVE U ALL~~~

4/1/10     Mobile – Avril Lavigne

Wow, I’m listening to an english FOR ONCE!!! Amazing. So much as happened since I last blogged.

1. I got EXACTLY what I wanted for my ATAR – 97.05~~~~~ YEAH YEAH YEAH

2. Daddy left to go back to China (TTTTTTTTTTTT______TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT) can’t believe he left me here with my mom who keeps screaming at me

3. I’m living in North Ryde, way far from all my friends & every thing that is comfortable to me…… now I feel like crying

4. I got facebook, okay not that big of an event but hey for me it’s pretty new 7 exciting

5. NEW YEARS ~~~!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome fireworks coming from the harbour bridge, かっこいい

That plus how I’m in love with shopping but going broke because  I still haven’t found a job yet.. DaMN. I REALLY REALLLY need a job right now, BADLY. not just for the money either. Also I wanna go clubbing but Angela is leaving me to go to France for a gap year so i can’t go clubbing with her (T_T) but I guess I’ll go when my group (who are watching a Disney movie the Princess & the frog today) wants to go. I wander if I’ll ever get to go clubbing with them?? Posssibly if Loretta organises something but otherwise probably NEVER. Sadly, we’re the clubbing type. I WANNA GO~~~~~ *pout* go well I’ll have to go with people I’m not so familiar with I guess. Blog after I get back from East wood

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