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January 12, 2010

On the new season of Idol Army MBLAQ members got to have a DATE with T-ara members. Now sadly the episode hasn’t been english subbed yet..but LUCKILY I understand chinese!!!! YAHHH So I’ll translate interesting parts of this episode but I’m sure the chemistry between the members speak for itself! LOL

I must admit MBLAQ is SO CUTE! Aside from their charisma on stage they are REALLY kawaii!~~ G.O is such a great cook plus he can sing & dance REALLY well!! I’m impressed  by G.O. I LOLED at the black plastic bag LUNCH!!! LOL

I have to say out of the 5 couples I like Lee Joon & Hyomin the best! Although the whole Thunder calling Eunjung noona thing is funny! Because Eunjung is 2 years older than him (she looked a little shocked)! Thunder = 99.9% Mr Bean!! LOL Lee Joon & Hyomin are like on an actual DATE, teaching her how to skate & everything! So sweet (wanna vomit right about now!)

SERIOUSLY Joon & Hyomin should just DATE~ So..lovey dovey! LOL at Mir….poor boy !

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