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2NE1 vs. f(x) & Big Bang vs. MIC – LOLLIPOP

January 12, 2010

Remember the korean advertisment for the Lollipop phone last year (OMG so long ago) featuring 2NE1 & Big Bang? Well this year a chinese version of the advertisment has been made! Featuring f(x) & a chinese group MIC. CHECK out the MV :

Similar things include the colour explosion & the catchy tone. Sadly MIC is no Big Bang & f(x) is no 2NE1. But otherwise a pretty good mv & I’m glad to hear Victoria & Amber so confident~ The high pitched (chipmunk like) voice in the begining is a little annoying though XP. I feel only Amber carried off the fluoro colour look & SULLY’s ajumma hair!!!!! GOOD LORD!

Compare with the awesome original: (ok I’m a little biased)

I personally feel the korean version is BETTER (even though I’m chinese LOL). Oh well, which version do YOU think won this contest?

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