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F(x) MV collection

November 6, 2009

To celebrate the release of their new MV – Chu~♡ (츄~♡) I’m posting a number of their previous MVs!! I’m totally LOVING Chu now! It’s catchy & the dance is totally cute!!!!! Loving the dance, I’ll probably learn the dance!!!!!

Totally LOVE the song! Sulli is really cute & pretty but her fashion in this MV made me raise my eyebrows. It’s a mix of SO many things. Hip hop (the hat), Princess (the dress) & eccentric fashion (the tights). But I REALLY like Krystal’s second outfit is looks REALLY nice!! I also love the way Krystal raps & said ‘Amber’!!! LOL Of course AMber was cool & edgy, I feel she makes the group a little more unique! Wish that Victoria got some more lines (T_T)

f(x)’s  MV of chocolate love!!!

I initially prefered the f(x) version then the SNSD version grew on me as well!! But I like the sexier, edgier look, especially on Victoria!~~~ Pretty leader shi

f(x)’s FIRST  MV La CHa Ta

I have to admit Krystal is REALLY growing on me! I didn’t like her too much before but now I like her HEAPS HEAPS!!!


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