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YG mania~

October 28, 2009

Both Bommie & Big Bang released new songs!!!!!!!!! Very excited! Check out Bom (Boom)’s awesome new song.

And her MV too!

I have to admit = I LOVE LOVE IT! Bommie unnie ❤ she looks super pretty and her vocals are wonderful as per usual! Boom looks really good in a wedding dress!

I miss 2NE1 SO SO SO much!! Shame they are coming back maybe early next year (T_____T)

But To distract me from my sadness – Big Bang’s new song ‘Let Me Hear Your Voice’.!! OMgee. It’s beautiful~~~ I think it’s their best Japanese single so far! Total impressed with the song and dices? Seems like YG’s encouraging us to gamble! HAHA jokes.

I like Big bang’s new song because I could understand it!! Daesung’s Japanese is the BEST (easiest to understand)!! I missed Dae~ So going to indulge in Family Outing after the HSC.

My favourite lines from Big Bang’s song:

空はのじゅうで、何も変わらないけれどとなりににいままだただいないけど。声を聞かせて~~~~~ (daesung & Taeyang’s line)

ないてだね。(Taeyang’s line~~)



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  1. November 3, 2009 9:48 am

    LING!!! did you hear 2pm’s new song “tired of waiting”?? =O =O
    even though practically the whole song is full of autotune, i still ❤ it xD GO JYPE!!!

  2. November 3, 2009 10:04 am

    I LOVE LOVE that song!!!!!! Yes theres the autotune issue & the fact that I can’t hear Jaebum’s voice but I still ❤ ❤ them. But I really like how it's directed to Jae!~~~ SWEET

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