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Hot new trend- Cars in MVs

September 3, 2009

There is a FLOOD of Mvs coming out 2day! Not that I’m complaining but I notice one thing in common within ALL these new MVs – CARS! Not just one type but ALL kinds, old, new, yellow, silver EVERY kind of cars! It’s interesting to notice the number plates!

Check out the new MVs:

4 Minute – Muzik

Sexy yellow race car! Love the rap in the begining of the song and the focus on Jiyoon & leader shii! I like this song~~~~ Watch Jiyoon as she takes of her sunnies! VERY cool~

F(x) – La cha Ta

NEW GROUP! These two songs are totally battling the repeat botton! HAHA F(X) I’m sure everyone knows is the new girl group from SME. Featuring Amber (HOT), Victoria (my favourite), Luna (Boa look alike), Krystal (JESSICA [SNSD]’s little sister) and Sulli (princess). I’m liking the fact that 2 members are chinese! Of course the MV didn’t show enough Victoria or Amber for me!! *pouts*.

There are ALOT of similarities between these 2 groups – 5 members, electronic pop sound, hot short hair girl and members associated with power groups (Hyuna & wonder Girls, Krystal  & SNSD)! Lets see how they can move/shift on my list!

F(x) uses a more old fashion, bumper car style vehicle! Very original and I like the stickers!

2NE1 also used cars as a sexy accessory for their Fire MV (street version). Not being biased but that IS ONE COOL RIDE!!!~~ THe car is extremely cool and the number plate!! HEART that car SO much! Luxury- that is one EXLUSIVE car!

SNSD- Genie

I know the car is not the main thing, but it is VERY CLEAR in their audio, the car noises in the background and Yoona driving a car! (just an excuse to re watch genie hehehe)

Big Bang – My heaven

There first Japanese MV and guess What Daesung drives!!! He just got he’s license (back then). This car is more road trip style! Kinda similar to F(x)’s one!

TVXQ / DBSK – Wrong Number

The first time I EVER noticed a car in a MV. OMGee,  that WAS HOT HOT! Dancing scene in a car park~ Junsu driving~~ I miss them ALOT!

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