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Performance Update II

August 31, 2009

I’m eternally grateful to YG! Cause he brought me Gdragon (the whole Big Bang) and 2NE1! Which brightened my not so great day!! 2NE1 IS THE BEST THING SINCE BIG BANG! My god! The girls LOOKED GOOD! CL looks especially hot with her hair extensions!!! Bom is looking great too~~~ loving the BLACK. IT’s a great contrast to their usual colourful style with lots of colours. But for this performance, they decided to go CLASSIC, performing with a live band and changing the rap to singing! SO GOOD SO GOOD! Best performance of I DON’t CARE EVER!! *in shock* I really like the performance and the singing was GREAT, on tune, beautifully done! Go CL, Bom, Minzi & Dara! Amazing~ took my breathe away!

Luckily that’s NOT ALL! GD had his first EVER solo stage today! I’m loving the whole Death Note Yagami Light look! And the apples (makes me want to rewatch death notes!) Love the apple that was spinning in the begining of his performance! THat is one COOL apple! Very cool effect~~ I swear one of the dancers (with a glove) totally reminded me of a shinigami from Death Note!

‘Is this what you’ve been waiting for?’    HELLS YEAH! THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR! So excited~~ To be honest I was dissapointed when GD didn’t come back in April but IT WAS WORTH IT! GD looks SO SO SO HOT! THe blonde hair really suits him, I thought I’d never say that about an Asian who dyed their hair blonde. But on GD it looks incredible! His image really cleaned up for his solo and SERIOUSLY OMG. YOu know what I want, I REALLY want to be one of the fans watching it and screaming, I REALLY WISH THAT! *favourites* He totally spell bounded me~ ❤ GD

Of course I wish that GD, CL & Teddy could perform ‘The Leaders’ that would make my week! But at least he performed Breathe:

I love the apples on his pants, kekekekeke. Cute~ Notice all the little golden crown lights in the audience – VIPs!!! Glad they went to support GD, he really deserve more support! The look is CUTE, kawaii ne GD san~ His smile!~~ *MELTS*

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