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Sydney University

August 30, 2009


This entry won’t be about Kpop! AHAHA. Seriously it’s about what I think of my future. Yesterday was Sydney University’s open day and after crazy esterification at North Shore my Dad drove me and Mom to the uni. Although it’s not the first time I’ve been there it was the first time I ever went inside the quadrangle. The buildings are so pretty & romantic! And I was only there for about 2 and a half hours. There were a lot of people, mainly students. I only saw Ruby and later on Helen. I went pretty open minded but the one thing that TRULY interested me in the entire university and out of ALL the course was ——– PHARMACY


I guess it was luck or fate or something because when my Mom anf I entered into the building the were having a tour of the Pharmacy faculty! The amazing thing was that I could actually read the map! 😀 I kow that’s not the most amazing thing in the world for alot of people, but for me (who couldn’t find the bus stop in Randwick and then discovered I was standing on it!) it is a miracle! I could even suggest a short cut. My mom was totally suss of my map reading skills as well! But in the end I half knew where I was going and I lead my mom there! AHAHA


Doesn’t look big right? Well, on the tour I discovered it was a lot bigger than it looks, because it actually links to ANOTHER building which had ANOTHER 5 levels. On the way there, it felt like I step into a scene in another time, a girl was riding one of those very old fashion, cute bicycles that I use to see in China! Plus the antique architecture, it was very strange, mom agreed with me! >.<


Sadly I can’t find a picture of the labs, but they were really clean, neat and very familiar! Especially when I saw 0.1 M HCl, I had to smile it was something that I know well. But there was high tech stuff like the spectrophotometer (or something) that was pretty cool. And there were MANY MANY lamps in the corridor. I know it’s not significant, but they were really special, something I’ve never seen before. Very interesting!


Only picture I could find and it doesn’t show the lamps (T____T) Oh well. The lecture halls were very clean (compared to the Carslaw building, where the whole simpsons family was inscribe into the desks). But true to the spirit of the university, the were wooden and very archaic. But of course the technology was pretty updated. It was the only lecture I went to and I was so tired by then I almost fell asleep waiting. But manage to stay up to absorb as much information as I could, it did help that the slides were given to me. They information was pretty concise and direct. I needed Chemistry, 2 Unit maths, biology was helpful. I needed a 92.55 ATAR and a STAT score of over 150 out of 200. I felt slightly ill prepared, I really wasn’t sure what was happening exactly. But luckly it was sort of explained.


I feel like it was something I really wanted to study. Suddenly? No I felt like I wanted to study something like that for a while now. I guess the trip was just a confirmation of what I wanted. I felt pretty drained when i got home but strangely content. Of course I need to choose 9 (or was it 7) options. Pharmacy is just one of them. ANother I wanted to study was Mechicanical (Biomedical) engineering. And the typical Commerce. It did sound somewhat interesting, maybe some of the students were very persuasive.

BUt Pharmacy – NUMBER 1 at the moment!


The mortal! HAHA they actual use balances and mortals! Very ancient methods but interesting right?

Just a side note – I felt the atmosphere of the university could be concentrated into one song. So to really understand this entry and just for enjoyment, read while listening to Jessica and Onew’s duet of One year later.

Trust me it fits the feeling exactly, or at least what I felt! Guess I won’t be blogging for a while (or will I??). Since I have found what I wanted to study and I will work towards that. Focusing a little more on my sciences, since I half neglected them. I wonder if I will change my mind once I go to UNSW’s open day. Since it is close and the university of choice for almost ALL my friends. But somehow…… I donno. I guess I’ll be blogging next week! HAHA Until then – Byeni!

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