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Performances updates!

August 30, 2009

I’m so GLAD 2NE1 are still active! Cause it means I can see more of their talents. They are EXTREMELY talented I’m just shocked sometimes, usually many performances are flawed, but their performances are ALMOST PERFECT. It’s incredible!~ Of course other groups are improving MAJORLY in my opinion!


Check out a stream of performances – READ MORE

HELLZ yeah! My GOD! 2NE1 for the WIN, they are extremely charasmatic, great performance!

CL : Doo Wop(by Lauryn Hill): INCREDIBLE! she can sing, rap, dance, speak english, french! I’ve never heard of this song, but I like it!
Dara : Get Right(by Jennifer Lopez): improving! She sounds great and her english is pretty good too!~ Pretty Dara
Bom : Crazy in Love(by Beyonce):  GOOD, VERY GOOD!!!! Perfect english, amazing vocals! Strong ~~
Minzy : Sexy Back(by Justin Timberlake): she’s 15, 15! a 15 year old that dances like THAT! Holy…shyt! Minzi is such a Pedobait, not funny! HOTTEST 15 year old. (but she does have compeition – Krystal Jung from f(x) is only 14!)

Speaking of Minzi’s amazing dance moves, heres a performance from a while back. In which Nicole (Kara), Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls), Hyuna (4Minute) and Minzi danced (battle?)!

I gotta admit, Nicole was GOOD, very sexy and HOT. She IS the queen of the butt dance after all! Ga In was alright, too many sexy moves not enough Dance, but good none the less. Hyuna was PRETTY GOOD, but sadly there were too many effects on her, so you can’t really see properly. And of course MINZI, VERY VERY VERY VERY good, the dancing, the timing, the expressions, the music! Perfect!

When I saw Dara performing Get Right, it reminded me of Yuri’s sexy performance!

She looks GOOD! No wonder she’s my favourite from SNSD! Only Yuri can pull of a complete white outfit while dancing!

20090412_musiccore_2News reader Yuri! hehe

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