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Battle of the girl groups – 4minutes NEW MINI ABLUM

August 28, 2009

It’s a strange thing that has been bothering me for awhile now. The amount girl groups that are debuting, comebacking or just there is – AMAZING. In a good way in some aspects but NOT In all aspects, maybe I’m just starving for some nice eye candy!.

Check out 4Minutes new song! READ MORE



KARA! – picture just for enjoyment

HOT on the plate (I really want Korean BBQ right now ok?)

It’s catchy, its autotune, its my style (shameful I know kekeke) .I do I like the song, but  I get a feeling of having heard the song before, maybe its the ‘boom boom’ part in the begining.

The song KBS banned! AHAHAHA. I like the song but like the majority – I thought of 2NE1 (>_<)! The  song is not bad of course – but there is something about it – the same familiar feeling comes to me again! Hyuna’s rap…… I really wonder what happen to her deeper rap voice?

A song I thought was pretty GOOD! But again that familiar feeling…..WHY(?_?)


How do you feel about JiYoon taking her shades off? I though she might do so more dramatically but I think she looks GOOD without the shades on!


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