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DambiAfter School’s HOT Group AND HOT 2PM

July 23, 2009

Is for Samsung’s new Anycall project. The sexy girls with Dambi’s new hair, have released the CF song “AMOLED” and new pictures check it out! ANd how could I forget the hilariously dorky 2PM! I would LOVE to go noreabang with them! ❤ Nichkun check out why!


Tell me what you guys think of the new song. I’m not sure if I’m a big fan. The AMOLED part is quite catchy, but it’s very mechanic sounding. None the less the look HOT HOT!

I’m waiting for someone to know what AMOLED actually means! No one seems to know at all! Oh, well, enjoy Dambi’s voice while she’s still singing cause she will be on your screen and acting VERY soon. Look forward to Dream


THIS IS WHY!!!! AHHHHH ~~ hype hype

2pm Noreabang! HAHAHAHHAHAHAH Gee, Diva, 2am I love how they know the dance moves!! JAebum sounds SO good! He has improved! Fire! I reckon the two groups MUST collaborate! 2NE1 + 2PM = 2AWESOME THey’ll be hotter than WonderBang! Wooyung- I never knew he was so funny! ANd I just LOVE THEM ALL!!!

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