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2NE1 “I’m too tired to care” and Big Bang LIVE in Japan!

July 19, 2009

2NE1’s new I don’t Care (too tired) version is gaining interest among netizens. Of course they are tired, practicing from 5pm to 11pm. The video is cute and definity showed the girls dorky side (reason why I want them to perform with 2PM). Check out the video and the pictures of the girls DORKINESS: READ MORE (watch it for some laughs)

I wonder they can dance like that after so many hours of practice?! I serious LOL at Minzi! AHAHAHAHA! She is adorable (>.<) with her attacking Bom, following Dara and starring at CL! I LOVE this video! THe girls are hilarious! Bom and her random floor exercises! (BTW – she has beautiful skin!) Watch Dara crack up laughing in the back at so many parts!
Now on to 2NE1’s male counter part – With their new Japanese song – Gara Gara Go, Big Bang is trying to gain a share in Japan’s market! A good way to get notices is to perform of Music Station.

I MISSED them, Big Bang oppas! I feel kinda bad of GD, cause he couldn’t answer the interviewers question, but I’m sure his Japanese will improve! Hwaiting!
Omona, I see Koda Kumi! Behind Daesung! It’s an AWESOME performance, Big Bang’s stage presence is quite amazing, I miss them (and WonderBang).


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