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2NE1 RULES In the Club!

July 17, 2009

THe GIRLS never fail to amaze me! THey perfomed In the Club live on Maybee radio. May I say ” OMGEE!”. Sometimes I wonder how they sing SO well! Check out 2Ne1’s awesome performance!:


AWESOME! Once again the girls are just wonderful live! Watch Minzi’s little quirky dance in the begining! CUTE!
Dara amazed me with her improvement – I always had the impression that she had the weakest vocals, but she proved me WRONG! Dara sang with so much emotion and her pitch, tone EVERYTHING was perfect! Bom also improved  from her Fire performances! Minzi & CL are just amazing as per usual! GO 2Ne1

And of course their I don’t Care performance

Totally loving CL’s Hulk shirt! And Dara’s curly hair! I love how Bom randomly winks, she did that during their performance too! Very cute performance of ‘I don’t care’- SO many cute little gestures ❤ like Sandara’s random expression and Minzi’s ‘phone’!

Check out their performance MR removed!

Not vocally as strong, but considering their hectic dancing in high heels (when I can barely walk) it’s understandable!


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