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The attack of the AMAZING maknaes

July 15, 2009

These days Kpop artists are debuting early with many maknaes debuting at the ripe age of 15 or 14! But if their popularity is any indication the maknaes are very TALENTED! This time I’m only going to focus on 2 maknaes in particular and that is Minzi of 2NE1 and Taemin of Shinee. Check out the abilities of these two maknaes:


Dancing: (well I thought I should start with what they are best at)

Minzi dancing to Boom Boom Pow

How DOES a 15 year old girl pop her chest like that! (I’m not a pedo btw) It’s amazing! Incredible stage presence, especially since she is ALL by herself on stage. Yet after all her hectic dancing, her ending smile is JUST SO CUTE! Although she was called the female Daesung, I think she can make her own mark.

And Taemin dancing to Sexy Back (the quality is not that great..T_T)

The boy is 15 as well! And he is a dancing MACHINE! How does he move so smoothly and naturally! THe little arm dance he does at end is very COOL. But I LOL at the presenter guy….he started speaking Japanese to Taemin, weird.
Language skills :
I know shes rapping, but Minzi’s english is lovely!!

Singing ‘Where is the love’ GAWD SO GOOD!!

Taemin speaking Chinese (near the end). I know as a chinese speaker- that the language is not exactly easy, it actually pretty difficult. He did a fine job of doing an introduction!

Singing abilities:
Minzi is a GREAT singer! I never knew because in her predebut clips she was always dancing, but her voice is WONERFUL! ANd what did I say about her english.

Taemin also sepcialise in the dancing area but he has singing abilities as WELL! Good work Taemin!

Winning reactions(hahaha):
Ok this has nothing to do with the mankaes directly but I just thought it would be good to compare it hehehe

SHINee winning their 2nd consecutive on SBS Inkigayo -Mutizen

 Key looks SO shocked and Jonghyun about to cry again!

2NE1 winning their FIRST EVER Mutizen

I think Bom and Minzi are really close. See Minzi comforting the about to cry Bom!



Minzi is no new comer on stage. Yet when she is NOT on stage or singing or dancing she is just an ordinary 15 year old AND she is SO adorable >__<

Taemin’s cuteness! OMGee the boy is CUTE!



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