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Another GG – 4 minute

June 18, 2009

Without the s..strange. It was only the begining my concerns with this new girl group. Check out their teaser of the song Hot Issue.


To check out the full song

How do I say this…mmmmm:

okay lets make it simple – 4minute quite literally remind me of every OTHER group you can possibly imagine!

Their title reminds me of 2PM & 2AM (the time thing)

Their song (the begining) reminds me of Fire 2NE1 (<3)

Their dress sense reminds me of After School (the colours)

THeir make up reminds me of Wonder Girls! They even look a little like Wonder Girls! One of the girls remind me SO much of Sunmin, the other one and her half “cutesy” look remind me of Sohee! Not to mention the rapper, whose glasses remind me of GD

Their voices remind me of Kara at some points

The title of their song reminds me of Big Bang’s Hot Issue MASSIVELY! It is strange.

I wonder can this hybrid group of 2NE1, Wonder Girls and Kara survive in the Kpop industry, but I did enjoy watching Hyuna! Missed her!

Ok, honestly I’m a sucker for these type of songs, it is my ear candy!


Wow, the colours

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  1. June 18, 2009 10:25 am

    4minute, interesting…

    Glad to see you made use of the “Read more” thing though XD Woooo! Go go go! Goodluck with Japanese Speaking tomorrow, man!

  2. June 19, 2009 9:17 am

    THanks even though it is pushed back to Tuesday! (i wanna do it earlier to concentrate on my business) I ❤ ANIME CLUB , brilliant artists! ❤

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