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Kpop star signs

June 13, 2009

And the truth behind them! They are TRUE!!! OMGee, it’s shocking but when I found an entry on Popseoul I was immediately hooked, it didn’t help that I’m totally inLOVE LOVE LOVE with Kpop! I read every single star sign and I decided to post it for my friends who can judge JUST how true it is (I’ll colour what I think is true)

Let’s start with MINE! my comments will be [like this!]

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 ~ December 21) : I found it funny that Big Bang was mentioned in mine! People who are Sagittarious – Janette, Jackie, Lan-tien and ME!

Hey, it’s the Sagittarius! They are hil-ari-ous! As Fire signs, they’re immature, and not liked by (as much) when older. Seung-ri would do possibly ANYTHING for his fans. Remember him jumping off of a fence? The other members of Big Bang would be embarrassed! It’s only natural for a Sagittarius to be themselves (for the sake of Entertainment). Sag’s are known for their vibrant personalities, and good looks (Song Hye-kyo–[if I looked anything like her I would be in heaven])! If you’d like to detect a Sagittarius, it’s simple, they’re ALWAYS smiling! Yoon Kye-sang is always making people smile! However, Sagittarius’ are Pessimistic, when they do not gain much attention [even that it true!] . Most fire signs have athletic bodies. There are two types of bodies for Sagittarius’. They’re fat or… fit, simple as that. Due to their carelessness, they tend to just eat and not chew. [OMGee this star sign thing is TOO true! and yeah I’m trying to fix that]  And you already know what happens, if you don’t chew your food. You eat MORE! That is how people get fat! Now the other Sagittarius is fit, has some muscle. Chae Yeon has the body! Look at that! A Sag is never stupid however. They are Philosophical.[So true???] They have a tendency to question everything. [TRUE! I question everything in my head though] Do not give them some out-of-the-box babo [idiotic]  theories. They will find the humor (as typical) and probably dislike you. It is highly unlikely for a Sagittarius to become  hated.

LIBRA (September 22 ~ October 23) : Meike, I think Lilly and Felicia Yeane

Libra’s are the elegant. Actually, let me slap you some brutality… Libra, the lame. Sure they have great tastes, and are fashionably expensive. Well, that is because, Libra’s are known for being fashionably inclined.[tue? not too sure] So if you have a fashion issue, consult a Libra! Song Seung-hun is another perfect example of a Libra’s face. You could see the soft looks, yet quite the bore. Libra’s charm and peaceful personalities make them liked by others.[definitly true for Felicia, she is SO calm]  They are one of the best looking people out there, no doubt about that. Oh, they’ve got the prettiest eyes too. Son Dambi doesn’t show off about her fortune. That’s because Libra’s aren’t like that! Wonder Girl’s, Yoobin could sing, and known for being a softie. As a talkative Air sign, they’re very sociable. Sometimes they talk too much. [you know who!] Lee Soon-jae is good at what he does, thank goodness! The older the Libra, the more beautiful they become. [ let’s wait and see about that one] Lee Mi-yeon is a perfect example. They’re well off in working, with things pertaining love and beauty. She obviously doesn’t need the make up and smiles delicately. Libra’s beauties aren’t as instant as a Taurus’. Libra’s are one of the many best Actors/Actresses.

VIRGO (August 22 ~ September 22) : Lucie!! You are like the only Virgo I know!

Virgo’s are the Virgin. Actually, there’s an easier way to figure out a Virgo. They own baby faces. Seo In-young doesn’t count though, because her face is Plastic Fantastic. Can’t you see how she perfects her face with the bigger eyes, and the fake nose that she tries to balance out? Unnie, you’re far from won byuk hang uh! Park Myung-soo is not only a Comedian who tries so damn hard. But he tries so.damn.hard for increasing his eye size. He’s been through surgery a shit load of times. Everybody knows that! However, Heo Young-ran has the Famous Baby face. She’s known to be the biggest B*TCH on Drama’s. You do it well dear! Clazziquai’s Alex Chu has that face, and close to perfect voice. A Virgo never looks good when smoking, or anything unhealthy.[very true!]  They don’t pull it off too well. (Ahem) When, Alex had that cigarette in an Ad. Virgo’s are always out to help others and do their deeds well. [that’s just amazingly true..] You see they’re so Health conscious; they work out and eat Healthy. [TRUE!! Lucie is SO healthy! and she’s always on the beach, swimming! Crazy] They hate little lazy babo ddul, so don’t piss them off! They tend to be nice people of the Zodiac, who associate well with others. If you handle their criticism the right way, then you’re in good hands.

CANCER (June 22 ~ July 22) : Amanda, Jiaqi (?) and Helen

Cancers are EASY to detect, only because, they moan and groan. They’re pretty much like your Parents who deal with romantic and vending issues. People are easily aware that they make comments everywhere, especially in the Public eye. Ahn-Sohee is known for being the quiet one in Wonder Girls. And she’s known for complaining a crap load at home! Aigoo… if people actually knew what they were talking about ,Ahn-Sohee is not pretty. Look closely, she has this irritating look in her eyes. They have a good eye for things, seriously, but everyone knows, not as well as Taurus and Libra. They tend to act well. That goes for the same for Bi, what kind of fake smile is that?! Usually people feel uncomfortable when the Cancer smiles. Have you seen Kim Bum’s smile? In public, they appear to look unemotional and wise. That’s just not the case. However, they tend to be greatest Actors/Actresses. Ji Jin-hee and Son Yoon- ah, act with so much emotion. They’ve got a natural skill for doing well on stage, so please Cancer, don’t over do it! They enjoy their Homes and Ummuh neh ddul. Keep it clean! If not, they’ll just b*tch about it.

GEMINI (May 22 ~ June 21) : Shirley, Sarina, Rita, Katharine,

There is never a dull moment with a Gemini! They’re full of fun and youthful! [TRUE!]  They tend to talk a whole lot, and people enjoy it. That is only because they are the brilliant conversationalists. They dominate good looks! They’re like children, grumbling when angry, smiling when happy.[May I say OMGee SO TURE!] And Gemini’s normally need as much attention, like children. Gemini’s are the children of the Air Signs. Gemini’s normally hate school and that learning crap. Well, that is because they dislike the labor of learning. All they hear is blah, blah, and more blah. They’re pretty intellectual though. And if they use it well, like Park Ye-eun, actually does well in school. Give those lots of variety and tons of fun. They need it to stay lively. They become bored easily! Choi Ji-woo actually has skills and notice, a Gemini is always smiling! They tend to have ideas quickly. Kim Sung-soo has the entertainingly good looking face. However, Gem’s tend to over indulge, especially with the party scene. Or, there are some who just like peace, and have good tastes, like Youna. They tend to be a bit on the flirtatious side. Do not commit… unless you’re ready. It’s rare for a Gemini to be such a Copy cat, (ahem) Eun Ji-won’s dangerous… give Akon the credit man!

ARIES (March 21 ~ April 20) : Loretta, Esther!

An Aries is pretty much the ssagaji of the Zodiac. They’re the first and leader! Don’t give them any directions, because they’re no use. [TRUE! I tried to stop L.p from moving those tables but did she listen? NO] They’re normally good at what they do. And even if they’re not, they make it out alive. But Kim Tae-Hee doesn’t count. They tend to have a gap on their teeth. Wait uh moh nah, no wonder… her teeth look too good to be real! Can you say acting fail-ure and fake?! Aries, hates admitting failure. They love the competition. They looove to be ATH-LE-TIC and keeping themselves in shape! [Esther and her gym!]  Lee Tae-Ran has that body! They tend to be Health freaks, which results to counting calories, and a lot of Ex-er-cise. Aries men tend to have a crap load of sex appeal. Though Dennis-Oh is Half White, he is one (mhm) sexy Beast (mhm)! He’s Passionate and that’s what an Aries is about. Aries are attracted to people with good looks and someone to calm their asses down! Aries are constantly impulsive and, you have no idea what the hell you want to do to them! They possess the most complex personalities of all people… seriously. Go with the flow, follow the lead, and you’re allll good.


Aquarius is, also known as the Water Bearer. They say Aquarius’ are unemotional, detached, perverse, and Humanitarians of all f-ing Humanitarians. They’re the type of people, who are often too difficult, to be in a relationship with. However, you might as well love them. They’re quite friendly. You see in the Entertainment business, they do not apply to much of the Character Traits. However, the Non-famous ones follow the traits. Dae Jang Geum’s, Lee Young-ae shows a ton of emotion. And she is liked by everyone. She’s not cold as they would be, and is THAT Humanitarian. In 1997, she went out to help the poor children in Africa. Then, there is another famous, Kim Bum-soo. He sings about love, and is LOVED by the crowd. It does not get any better than them. If you really look at U-KNOW and Han Ga-in, they have this Cold demeanor… and good looks. What Air Sign isn’t good looking anyway? Don’t call an Aquarius weird, they tend to be sensitive about that. And they have their own individuality. Aquarius’ tend to be the friendly popular weirdo that people like.{LOL!] CHeck out all the ones I’ve left out or forgotten at the link!

Credits to: Popseoul & writer  Suejungle (you’re awesome!)

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  1. June 13, 2009 6:57 am

    LOL @ ‘philosophical’ on Saggitarius XDD That IS SO TRUE FOR YOU.

    And baby-faced?! Waaagghh!
    I loved how half the post was dissing someone’s plastic surgery though xD hahaha
    At least I’m a Virgo maiden with the Clazziquai guy. I wonder if he likes fruit salad?

    Gemini is also scarily accurate for the people within it!

    (And our DA account is :> If the Ling Master wants me to check out 2NE1, I will have no choice to obey.)

  2. June 13, 2009 6:58 am

    PS 8D get an account on Deviantart so you can join in on the Deviantart action. Capiche?

  3. b4mb1 permalink
    June 13, 2009 11:50 am


  4. June 14, 2009 7:45 am

    LOL Alex liking fruit salad?? Donno about that but interesting concept!
    ! ok I capiche, whatever that is!

    @ may: Stupid may! I’m tempting to make you as spam! but I won’t cause I’m so nice!

  5. June 14, 2009 11:26 am

    I felt like sounding like a tough mafia person!
    Capiche? 8D Capiche?!

    May is SPAM even in real life!

  6. June 16, 2009 9:39 am

    (I rang you tonight buuuuut D:
    No there ;w; )

  7. June 16, 2009 9:52 am

    I am THERE! I’ll return ur call when I return home! 🙂

  8. June 16, 2009 10:43 am

    awesomecakes :>

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