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Romeo Perform Juilette

June 6, 2009

Well after a massive, long wait, Shinee is finally having a comeback stage! Thank goodness that Onew’s teeth is better, their live ROCKS! Jonghyun~~!!! Love his voice and it’s amazing that they can sing so well, especially since their dance is complicated and not exactly like a walk in the park, I’m glad they WON! Well, it’s SM domination!

WOW!!~~ Good work Shinee!



2pm is HOT!

Yeah, basically that was what I was thinking during the 5 minutes of their performance on Mnet Countdown Heroes! HOT HOT HOT! just amazing~~~ the guyliner on 2PM looked SO good! They have improved so much from before!

LOVE, even with out Nick Khun I was still mesmerised by 2PM! Jaebum ❤ he is SO hot! No they ARE ALL SO HOT!

Check out their performance … better to do that in winter, makes you feel much warmer with their hotness!

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