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2NE1 IS awesome!

June 3, 2009

Singers & rappers that is! The hot girls are definity HOT property at the moment, after their kick butt performance on Inkigayo, they showed off their AMAZING vocals on MBC radio, and may I say….THEY ROCKED! Their English was good, their singing was good (AND I MEAN ALL OF THEM!), their charsma was just amazing (especially CL) REally I love them!

This is their cover of Big Bang’s We Belong Together, featuring who? Nothing but the best – Miss Park Bom! 2Ne1 totoally rocked singing their senbae’s song. Good work!

Their live of Fire, it looks SO fun, the girls were literally performing for fun and not under so much pressure, THEY DID WELL!

Especially Bom unnie, her vocals were SO MUCH BETTER!  I’m proud of her! Dara is REALLY cute, and her voice is quite soft and soothing but she fits well with the group, the cute one!

Minji/Minzi! GOD GOD GOD, they girl is a great singer and she’s only like 14! DAMN! The entire 2Ne1’s english is AWESOME! Yet only CL was from the states. DAMN talent!

Looking forward for more music from these girls!



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