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2NE1 piano COVER!

May 31, 2009

So the girls hasn’t performed ever since their debut performance, but luckily I was able to indulge in some different ear candy! the piano version of Fire!

I thought it would be extremely difficult for the song to be played on paino AND for me to like it. Well, I was wrong! it was AWESOME! I really want MP3 versions, so that if my mom screams at me for listening to music while I study I can also reply by saying that it is classcial (in a way it is!)

Check out some other covers by Yooha85 (or just search him on YT):

LOLLIPOP!!!! I actually like this even better than Fire! it’s so classical and nice, yet I can still hear Lollipop in it’s rthyme! I LOVE IT !! Makes me want to rewatch Lollipop in all it’s glory! (Dara’s hair!) The amazing thing about this guy is that he DOESN”T USE SHEET MUSIC! he come up with these piano covers after just LISTENING to the songs. I must admit I cannot do THAT!

His LATEST cover! It’s you – Super Junior! OMGee, it is just subarashi~~~ OMGee so darling and moved by it! I gotta admit the song is one of my favourites at the moment! Enjoying it!


Pretty Bom unnie <3! She is SO pretty no matter what anyone else says!


Charsmatic LEADER CL shi! I can’t BELIEVE she is the same age as me! GOD~~


Minzi/Minji! I must admit she is a VERY cute makne!


Dara! She has grown on me the most! I really like her now!

Since this entry is somewhat about talents! CHeck this OUT!!:

AHHHH!!! it’s SO good!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m super excited. The super Junior beat box was amazing too! Its different I wonder if he will beat box to Fire??!! That would make my day!

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