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Mommy, I wanna grow up like her!

May 5, 2009

Ha! For all that read that title, I was being random. But I really didn’t know how to name this post! I think that deep inside everyone has a “dream” something that they want to be/become but are just too doubtful of themselves (don’t worry I do too). I think it’s sad, the real difference between a dream and reality is the process. IF you decided to chase the dream, then it is no longer a dream. Try that sometimes people! Kekek

Anyway on to MUsic! I’m a big anime fan, since I was little. (For everyone that doesn’t know) and I’ve always REALLY respected manga artists, nowadays my respect has really been focused on the seiyuus. THey are amazing! Completely amazing! The 2nd season of Fullmetal Alchemist has been released (for a while now) and the OP….I love

YUI’s new single “Again”. Doesn’t the title remind you of 2PM’s Again & Again? THis song is <3! I found the guitar, the voice even the lack of story line in the video, VERY refershing! Usually I’m watching emotional videos about love and what not, but the story line in Again is only secondary to the song. The song is the star, not I donno the featured star or something.

Another one of her songs that I love: Rolling Days

I remeber singing this in Karaoke..kekeke. I like how her voice is sweet and the background music is pure rock style! Great mix, hard to sing!

Another Jpop/rock singer that I like is Tommy Heavenly! God, she has done some of the BEST anime OPs (I think) e.g. Gintama’s opening “Pray” I LOVE THAT SONG!!

Ok the MV is a little weird but hey the song is GOOD!

She is coined as the “ASian Avril Lavinge” I donno if I agree, but oh well!

While I’m on the subject of music. 2Ne1’s latest preview for FIRE is out!!!! 1min So far, my favourite part is CL’s begining rap. “I go by the name of CL and 2ne1, it’s been a long time coming but we’re here now”


I really want to know why the stylists decided to put pretty lady Park Bom into …. that thing?! the girls are looking really different though! Looking forward to tommoro. RELEASE~

BTW: Happy Birthday May!

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