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May 2, 2009

Well, after a stressful week at school to be able to relax & watch Big Bang acting cute PLUS a bunch of hella good looking guys make me VERY happy!

I reckon Lotte is a VERY smart company, write a good song, then chucking a bunch of good looking singer, actors together. It sells! Sells VERY well! Even though I’m a GD fan girl ALL the way, I must admit TOP looks absolutely WONDERFUL! His hair and facial expressions are so cute! Of course the shots of GD & TOP together makes me happy!!~

Shame that GD’s solo is delayed until August but I love him so all is well!

Another thing that is HOT right now is 2PM~ I must say I LOVE their perfs! SO good~ Of course it’s not easy to master the dance then sing at the same time the boys do a good job everytime! Tae’s rap~<3

Their Inkigayo performance

Music COre perf also VERY well done. Junsu & Junho are such good singers! BTW happy late birthday to leader Jaebom

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