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2Ne1 updates!

May 2, 2009

Wahh~~ Havn’t blogged for ages, maybe because there hasn’t been anything that made me this excited in a LONG while. 2Ne1 is the HOTTEST girl group this year I reckon! Their popularity has JUMPED with Lollipop, and

They are HERE with their first Debut Single — FIRE on the 6th of May


Consisting of Minzy (Minji), CL (leader-shi), Dara (Sandara Park) & my personal FAVOURITE  Bom (Park Bom). I’m not sure why they decided to change their names but oh well!

Here’s a little teaser of these ladies new song! *i’m in love with it ALready*

The 35 sec teaser is also avaliable but I’m saying you gotta YB that yourselves! AHAHA

Here are some new photos uploaded on YG website


Minji ❤ She’s cute!! and young too (1994) my my my


Sandara Park the lady with the scandals and the interesting look. As the countdown continues for the song, 2 more members new pictures will be revealed


Minji’s audition clip! She is a very good dancer considering how YOUNG she must have been! I like her song choice, good backtrack! BoA’s song~~<3 She danced hip hop, locking and even popping! Good work for a 12 -13 year old.


Sandara with her rumour boyfriend, she has the most SCANDALS you can ever imagine! Photos of her have been popping out of nowhere but it’s interesting to see them, for me at least.


Sandara with ANOTHER rumored boyfriend, an actor…girl!

Another video of 2Ne1 in the past CL & Minji dancing to PCD

Can’t wait til there debut! HOT  

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  1. December 13, 2013 6:16 am

    Dara was an actress, singer, and model in the Philippines before she went back to Korea and became one of 2NE1 members. These photos aren’t scandals. Those guys are Dara’s co-actors in a TV network in the Philippines. 🙂

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