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Music for the SOUL!

April 19, 2009

Music is the food of the soul (as long as you believe that the soul exists), AND today I decided to feed everyone’s soul and make you all fat!! AHAHAHA I’m so evil

I LOVE EPIK HIGH!! THey are amazing! Hip HOp group from Korea that won me over with their song FLY! The video was of their latest performace on Lee Hana’s peppermint, of FLY!! They have SO many good songs e.g. One, Love Love Love, & One minute, one second, Paris and so on~~`

LOVE you Tablo ❤ hope you are happy with your pretty actress *forgot her name* girlfriend, she’s quite cute!

THeir latest single Map The Soul….I think it’s VERY deep. Kinda made me shiver a little while watching it. Burning money!


THis is a different kind of song. J…pop or I donno what you can categorize it as, but if you watch it don’t be scared. I’m trying to find the version that freaked me out, I wonder if it is on Youtube?

Well, lets explain what happens *mind me I cant understand all the Japanese in it*

Basically, the song starts with ” Once upon a tine their was a small dream, no one knew about it, it REALLY was a small dream. The small dream thought ‘I don’t want to dissapear! How to I make others notice me?’ The small dream though & thought and came up with an idea. Why dont I create a world for people to fall in to (?)”

Ok, that is just my interpertation of it REMEMBER death of the author (in this case the original speaker) and birth of the reader!

THen the song starts. I highly recommend this song and I need to get the third Alice’s story I don’t really get it, how did she die??? They last alice’s story is also confusing, too many versions.

But Check it out, it might be your taste *smiles, evily*

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  1. April 19, 2009 9:34 am

    hahaha, I can’t take the Alice video seriously because of the Vocaloids! When I was listening, I was like, “Heeey, the vocals are actually DONE by the Vocaloid team. Neat.” I think Kaito sounds pretty good here though.. 8D he’s the blue haired Vocaloid, hahahaha.
    Who did the original version? Sound Horizon? Seems like an intruiging song.

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