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My Lucky Star

April 18, 2009

I am IN LOVE with Lucky Star ❤ ~ I dont know why it has no story line, it has no drama, it bearly has any characters (lots of girls, and one Baka of a guy) I LOVE IT!! AHAHAHA my lucky star obsession was from quite from a LONG time ago, but I didnt really have a blog back then, NOW I will relive my passions as I am bored of all the new, but not my type animes that are crowding my computer.

No matter if you are an Otaku or not or if you’ve watched Anime or not, this has to be the weirdest Commercial right? Check it out:

Try to find the difference between the first one & the second one. It made me LOL alot

Kekeke Konata for the WIN!

Chibi Animal Lucky star

AHAHAHa. I love this picture! Chibi Lucky star characters cosplaying as Animals!!

❤ Kagami! I think I want to be like her! She studies so god-damn hard or Miyuki, naturally ace in class! Walking moe!

I must annonce my NEW FAVOURITE anime! Hetalia ~~ It’s only 5 minutes per episode (mind you with the op & ED cut out it’ll only be about 4 minute) and you can learn about HISTORY (yeah my least favourite subject) at the same time! Although I dont think any teacher would appreciate an essay about Germany is rough on the outside but actually very kind on the inside TOO much personalisation of countries I think!

Mix Lucky Star & Hetalia together and it’s one AWESOME AWESOME AMV!

I have to say this video made me LOL big time, especially when America was kidnapped by an UFO!! LOL ! Love it I’m only up to episode 9 and I’m waiting for the rest to come out!! YEAH

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