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BoA’s new MV!

April 16, 2009

Goodness me, today is a hectic day, anyway..BoA’s new Mv for ‘I did it for Love’ is OFFICALLY release!

Check it out:

I LOVE the close up of her, cause she is quite pretty and sings REALLY well. BUT…ummm I’m kinda missing her cute image because I’m not really into the whole skin tight black leather thing she has going. THe song’s not too bad but I’m not too sure about whether or not it’ll succed in the American market after all, they have tones of good singer who don’t even get a chance to release anything. Well, I wish her luck.

I kinda want to watch her older, less sexy MVs. I remeber liking this one how VERY long ago *lol*

Moto by BoA

the quality isnt too good in Youtube sadly, I watched mine as an AVI video so it was like HQ

and of course the song I would sing in Karaoke always, it’s a classic from a classic anime. And if I know correctly it is what made her SO famous in Japan

Ah her cute image….umm didnt last too long though (^___^)

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