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Time for change

April 15, 2009

Of heart, of love when is it the time for change? 2PM!!! Actually I’m not the biggest fan of the boys. (I wonder what their fan club is called? Clocks?)

THeir single is pretty good though, ^___^! ANd I’m ALWAYS happy to see Nickhun ❤ Strangely his new image kinda reminds me of Gdragon some time ago, I wonder why. Probably due to the fake Tatoo & cool image

Anyway here is their tracklist:

Artist: 2PM
Album: 2nd Single : 2:00PM Time For Change
Release: April 16, 2009

1. What Time Is It Now
2. Again & Again
3. 니가 밉다
4. 돌아올지도 몰라
5. Again & Again (R&B Mix)
6. Again & Again(Inst.)
7. 니가 밉다 (Inst.)
8. 돌아올지도 몰라(Inst.)

I’m looking forward to their MV release because the 2PM boys are just SUCH good dancers ❤ Plus their Again & Again song is just so GOOD!

Here is their 30s teaser MV,

LOVE the dancing and the random scream! The guys are too good at breaking ❤

And here is the FULL digital single released TODAY with download link

I have it sTUCK in my head…AGain & Again & again & again! ANd because I’m in a 2PM mood, I will do some interesting 2PM videos back track!

This dance battle made me LUV them…so glad they won! They were up against Shinee, who covered a Shinwa song, it was good but I donno maybe it wasnt really a dancey kinda song.

Should listen to the screaming increase when they took their jackets off!!! AHAHAHAHA fan girls. Special mention to Jaebum..HOT

And while I’m on the topic of this dance battle I REALLY LIKED SNSD’s dance, it was different to their typical Kissing you (lollipop filled) and Gee (colour full jeans filled) dances. IT was quite good.

Yoona looks REALLY pretty and so did Taeyeon..I  wish they showed more Yuri! But at least I can see her more since she’s hosting music core. I like how they randomly decided to show Seungri clapping..I have to admit he looked cute there.  And lol at Shinee clapping standing up in the back!

And just because I want to: Seungri vs Taeyang!! Although they tied in the end I have my biased view but I’m not telling hehehehe

Love recapping hot dances! Other people that danced as well — Kara, SUper Junior, Tae goon and some parodies of So Hot and Lies

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