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Good bye stages (T_T)

April 13, 2009

I wonder why they are leaving the Kpop industry as a group, being one of the most WELL KNOWN & beloved RnB duo, they are going their separate ways after 10 years, not  a short time I know, but still….Fly To THe Sky I’ll most DEFINITLY miss you guys together.

Check out their farewell as a group performance, on the side note why does Hwanee looks so different to me?? The eyes..*suspecting sugery*

They are SUCH good singers, it makes me sad. I wish they performed Like a man for their last performance together, the song is such a CLASSIC. AHH….so sad. I remeber them on Love Letter, Brian is so funny & suprisingly comical, they way he copied other people …kekekeke oh happy days

Their performance of Like a Man…*shiver* GOD so good“`

Here is a video of Shinee (Jong Hyun & Onew) singing a cover of Like A man, I think they did very well, considering that the song is quite difficult to sing, but I lOVE Jong Hyun’s voice so I liked the performance. But of course they still have a long way to go before they can get to FTTS’s stage of performance

On the happier side of goodbye performances, Kara also said goodbye after 4 months promotions with Pretty Girl & Honey (which everyone got stuck in their heads at one point or other)

Pretty good performance and I will miss their cuteness !

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  1. April 13, 2009 4:05 am

    Eeee, sucks when good groups break apart. D:
    Unless they’re like Johnny Farmham and make a million farewell tours that last ten decades or something.
    But at least they’re going to make some new stuff by going individually!

    Say, do Kpop artists ever come and do concerts in Aus? I can so see you there, crying and singing along with the songs and raising your candle to the air in an emotional swaying motion… and I’m imagining you guys going crazy in the Non English K room tomorrow SPPSFFFSS.

    (I wrote a lot because it’s raining outside! :D)

  2. April 13, 2009 5:57 am

    LOl…Lucie you are such a strange child, anyway NO, there hasnt been many Kpop stars that ever come here. If they do I reckon they’ll probably just overcharge like *Jay Chow .. cough cough* cheapest ticket was $78! $78!!!! I can buy SO much manga with that ok maybe not so much with the new rising prices, but hey …it’s NOT worth it!! (>.<) Yeah, if tommorro’s weather is going to be like today’s I’m sleeping in no doubt about that!

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