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Big Bang Updates!!

April 11, 2009

BEing a VIP is a difficult job, you have to stalk all these websites for updates on the boys and sometimes that is just NOT satisfying enough……I wish I could meet them

Anyway: the PV/MV for Rain is Falling, the collaboration between W-inds & Big Bang’s Gdragon is OUT!!

AHH~~ Bong looks SO good in the video with both the Popcorn hair & the Einstein hair (physics *shiver*) but his latest hair style is SO ahjumma I’m a bit worried for him, and literally he does not have a stable hair style AT ALL , all the other members tend to change their hair for new promotions or not change them at all (or its just not enough to be noticeable) but GD, nope he isnt even going to care and his hair is what I tend to notice FIRST.


I like his outfit on lollipop if he has a hat on! the hat makes the outfit LOOK really ggoooodddd!


Oh goodness! his ahjumma perm……(>.<) BUt hey TOP looks GOOD!

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  1. April 13, 2009 4:09 am

    I want to steal that guy’s psychedelic badges.
    Particularly the large black and white smiley face one.


  2. April 13, 2009 6:00 am

    I didnt even notice the badges…wow observant, oh maybe you just have extremely selective vision.
    I have a picture that you might like A LOT actually but I’ll post them up when I get more time

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