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April 10, 2009

2009-04-09 18:10:26
Rain Is Fallin’



本日、めざましテレビで w-inds × G-DRAGONのコラボ曲、

「Rain Is Fallin’」PV が绍介されました(-^□^-) 


偶然见ることができた ラッキーな方もきっといらっしゃったハズ。

—– PV撮影现场より

残念ながら 见逃してしまった方は、もうしばらくの我慢です

5月13日のリリース日を指折り数えて 楽しみに待ちましょう!


The above is a blog entry written by Big Bang ?? I dont know, that’s so weird……..hummm.

Basically it is on about the new collaboration between W-inds & GD.  Being a VIP I went into the blog and had a look, the comments were simple & cute ❤

like ” GD最高(●^∀^●)・*.・:☆’.・*.・:★’.・*.・:☆’.・*.・:★’.・*.・:☆’.・*.・:★” which says GD is the best

がんばってね♪(o^-‘)b”  I saw~~!! I’m looking forward to it, do your best. [ahhh!~~ SO CUTE]






もちろン応援してます(^O^)/”  OMGee I dont want to translate it (lazy me) but I sense SO much love from the Big BAng Japanese fans!!

But I wonder why every time I really get into a Korean group they suddenly move all their activities to Japan…. *DBSK*  AHUHGHHH~ I want GD’s SOLO!

THis is just me being bored on the net:

A new single released by the girl group After School with their brand new memeber Unee who just happens to be one of Yoobin’s closest friends. After School gained their popularity with the song “Ah” which did well earlier this year. Note – This girl group is 100% focused on the SEXY concept and the leader Ga In was Micky Yoochun’s ex-girlfriend (she is HOT)

Goodness so much english lyrics from Gee to Honey to Sorry Sorry to Diva ….After School have no chance against Super Junior unlike 2PM whose comeback will be their MV release on the 16th! They have a chance against Super Junior !! Looking forward to their comback!

Speaking of Micky Yoochun……that boy made BIG news with his anger towards fans in an airport. Snatching away their camera and not returning it. Well, they cant help it that they want to see the pores on your skin or something. I would have thought Micky would be used to this type of freaky fan behaviour, after all people pinched Junsu’s butt cheeks before didnt they? But I can understand why he’s so angry, I mean I would be too….besides if that fan was that desperate she would be SO HAPPY that he even touched her wrist & held her camera. So in a way she got the good end of the ordeal.

Check out the video of Pissed Micky



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