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BOy couples!!

April 7, 2009

I know that lately I’ve been obsessed with this whole coupling thing, but this was just TOO adorable & OMGEE for me not to post it.

It is between Minho (shinee [Felicia’s idol]) and Nickhun (2PM). both of the boys are HOTT HOT HOT and this video is just LOL LOL LOL

I cant believe Nick went to SNIFF minho’s scent !!! and the crazy “my girlfriend is you!” WATCH IT WATCH IT

such handsome boys!

Speaking of handsome boy couples IN the world of VIPZ, G-ri is a very popular topic!

GD & SEungri are sO cute together, and I know that Mr Leader Kwon likes to bully Seung RI for entertainment. ANd I heard that they are very close. I’m sad cause I cant seem to find a picture of them being really close (T___T)

So just make do with the video

I love GD’s hair in this video ❤ ❤ and the BoBo part ~~ AHHH SO CUTE

In the Bobo part, GD & seungri goes into some closet and the PD asks them “what are you doing?” to which GD replies “kissing”, when the PD pokes into the closet Seungri is standing there looking *shocked* then he goes to the PD “THis happens all the time.” while wiping his lips!! (SO KAWAII) THe bit after that is when GD pokes his finger in to SEungri’s cheeks and he asks “How much?” Seungri replies “5million won!” LOL, I wonder how GD knew that Seungri was there

I also think that GD & TOP is a good couple but this couple doesnt seem to be as popular so maybe only I think so (maybe I’m just special)

This skit is the BEST THING !! SO FUNNY all TOP fans must watch it and all people who doesnt believe that GD can be a girl should watch it TOO!


CUTE! TOP bullying GD ❤


A small Gri moment ❤

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