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DBSK being destoryed and Se7en being Saved

April 5, 2009

Oh GOD! that was my reaction …..*twitch twitch* Jesus! How could they do this to DBSK’s purple line??!!

Let’s go back a bit, I was bit bored and decided to watch some of the old shows that I loved LONG ago, 我愛黑澀會 was a show I LOVED when I was a bit younger and a little more immature….but this one was just WTF! WTF!!

Okay so for this show that have special guests who judge thing and play games together etc. For this episode the special guest was Jang Nara, I have nothing for this girl. She’s not good and she’s not bad. (not sexy or that cute but okay) . FOr Jang Nara they decided to hold a Korean (flow?) imitation show, so they had to perform something, song, dance etc. that is Kpop.

Ok. MY GOD (>.<“) I watched and it was so embrassingly funny that I just had to laugh, their strange Korean and stranger performances (yeah LOL). THe first girl that performed danced to a BoA song, right….in Japanese, that song was in Jap…so all I could say was lol. (in a dried sorta way) then it was the performance that DESTROYED DBSK! HOW COULD THEY DO THIS!! that random tall girl with tied up hair!! WTHell is she doing????!!!!!!! Okay I understand that not everyone is a good dancer but WTF? She even added in the end “We are so Hot” ….ummm I dont agree with that AT ALL

Watch for yourself but I’m sorry there are no english subs:

For a laugh. The girl that performed “Adult Ceremony” after wards made me feel least she can dance. ALthough I’m not sure about the lack of clothing

Ok, on to the other performance. This girl’s name is a little weird it actually means mosquito, but she is ONLY 15 and won more dance AWARDS than any other girl her age. SHe can do popin’, break dancing, hip hop anything you throw at her. FOr Jang Nara she decided to dance Se7en’s Passion

What can I say it was VEERY well done for her. Besides she has the cutest face and the best dance! AMAZING

Watch it til the end, she does something REALLY good at the end

I wonder if I’ll watch the whole thing as I have to go out soon but as a Kpop FANGIRL..hummmm *shiver shiver* weird and weird….

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