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Cutest Couple~~<3

April 4, 2009

Well, today is a busy day in the land of Korea, where multi million mobile phone companies ran themselves to dealth trying to get teenagers to buy their phone, there was already Wonder Girl’s Now phone CF, Big Bang/2Ne1 ‘s Lollipop phone CF now it’s Kim Bum and Kim so Eun’s turn!!!

Ah adorable couple I love you guys, Any call. !

I still want Big BAng’s phone the best but this cute ad was just awesome AS well . Gotta credit Shinee for the great song! It’ll be a hit no worries about that, speaking of hits, Big Bang/2Ne1’s Lollipop has reach NUMBER 1 on Mnet~

THey beat Sorry SOrry, 8282 and jumped everyone! CONGRATS

Know I kinda want to recap on all the awesome Anycall phones I’ve seen ummm going to find them

This is an OLD haptic Anycall ad with DBSK/TVXQ/THSK with SNSD~!!!!

I donno I cant imagine Tiffany with Jaejoong or Yunho, Jessica & Jaejoong makes more sense to me…kekekek

ANother part of that series of CFs, probably my favourite, GOD Junsu I LOVE YOU ~~ SO funny, I’m glad that he’s nto paired with anyone though. XP THe Micky & YOona moment was good too~ SWEET but my faith stays in the Daesung & Yoona coupling. (one with Huge eyes the other with non existen eyes [not an insult])

Ah this Cf was from a LONG time ago before Eric Oppa went to the army, this is the entire MV CF he did with Hyori! I remeber watching it a LONG time ago and loving it~~ Good times, the story line is pretty good!

ANd this *drum roll* was my favourite SONG!!

Actually this is the first time I’ve ever watch the full MV! but Xiah,Tablo & BoA is just THE BEST mix~~

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