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Wonder BANG

April 3, 2009

Someone NEEDS to explain to me why these two groups are just SO SIMILAR!

They both become famous due to hits in 2007, Lies & Tell me. And because the two songs were release around the same time as each other, the two groups that both have 5 members, all around the same age as one another AND both have sexy rappers (YOobin & TOP)

Recently both groups have been on break (not SeungRI, with his “crack crack crack”)

THen *drum roll* both WOnder Girl & Big Bang are back! not fully, but they  both released MV’s that are filmed for Mobile phone CFs (commercials)

AHH, Wonder Girl’s MV of NOW, a remake of FIN.Kl a classic Korean girl group from WAY back, but of course Hyori is in that group!

I thought the girls did the sexy look VERY well! Sunye onni~~~  She’s so pretty and I like with the longer hair, but of course her tomboyish look worked really. Although the story line in the MV is a litttle confusing but I enjoyed it!

Yeeun and the camera (LOL), Yoobin and the sexy rap with Sunye dancing around her felt like the highlight to me~ Sunmi and her sexy car racing game, the girl makes playing a car game look SO much better that it actually is.

Sohee looked really good in the white frames, LOVE her vest~ Extremely sexy and definitely WONDERful!

Now it’s Big Bang’s turn with their own Mobile phone CF, the lollipop Cyon phone. Not their first CF with Cyon, they also filmed the Ice cream phone. (I wander if that’s why every  time I think of Big BAng many colours come to mind kekeke) . But this one is a collaboration between Big Bang and YG’s new girl group 2NE1 (or briefly 21), consist of 4 girls, whom I only recognise CL (leader,) and Sandara Park

I LOVE this SONG!~~ I downloaded it the minute I heard the track. Lolli lolli lolli pop ~ I love TOP’s rap in this song~~ And the highlight was probably all the frames of GD!! There was SO much GD & TOP (with his nerdy glasses <3)

And in Daesung & Seungri’s singing bit, GD on the FLOOR!!! AHhh, dies and go to GD heaven!!!

Of course do I need to mention Taeyang’s sexy dancing, he did the splits (dancer style!) and made me happy, also like the interaction between him & CL, HOT HOT HOT

God I love both groups SO much and begining to gain a likeness to 2Ne1 as well!

Special mention of Sandara’s hair, OMGEE hair~~


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