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Kpop couples –SM TOWN

March 29, 2009

recently, the rumours of members of SM groups dating are spreading like WILD fire!!

THere were many OLD ones, e.g. Donghae dating Jessica  or Xiah Junsu dating TaeYeon

But that was in the PAST……

Now on to the NEW rumours and couplings.

The first couple:   *drum roll* JaeJoong from DBSK & Jessica from SNSD!

Okay, the rumour is that they apparently were wearing couple ring!! Ok, not to be a spoiler or anything (I support them….ish) but REALLY, there are a million copies of the same ring in Korea, literally (due to mass production in South east asian countries) . So they chances of them buying the same ring is like 990000:1000000


Picture credit: Allkpop

Beside that incident where Jaejoong handed the rose that he RECEIVED from fans to JESSICA doesnt mean anything right?? He probably just felt sorry for her….right?

The second victim: Kangin & Taeyeon

OMGee I support them 1100%, they are the best couple! WHen I saw the first episode of Facotry Girl and I saw the interaction between Taeyeon & Kangin I just knew they are SO GOOD TOGETHER~~~~ I also saw clips of them playing around on CHin CHin radio and may I say ‘LUV’ they are so cute together, singing and dancing around. hehehehe

Kangin & taeyeon

Of course there is the RING incident, both Kangin & Taeyeon are in the MBC show “We got married” sadly paired with different people…(TT_______TT) I feel bad for Taeyeon, at least Kangin’s partner seems pretty and relatively nice, unlike Hyundon who seems like a pig and really is quite mean (the way he treated Saori). SO taeyeon was on the bad end of that deal..

Well, they are an IDEAL couple but who knows what happens behind closed doors of these Kpop stars.

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