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Friday, Kinyoubi

March 27, 2009

hello, all Earthians.

Thought for the Day: “If you can’t return a favor, pass it on.” Louise Brown

OMGee, well I had a WONERFUL night last night, when I was listening to the Asian Pop SHow and all of the sudden I heard “Rarefish” !!! WOW~~ Jen was reading out my message from the forum and then she played HARU HARU by Big Bang, my request!!! OMGee it was brilliant! Best ever, maybe other than that time when I heard my voice on the show, that was more of a SHOCK, this was just WONDEFUL!

Currently I’m watching Family OUting with Yoona! It’s hilarious! Daesung AH! He is such a funny boy and the millions of scandals they have going on is QUITE funny. I loved the Family OUting with TOP! Yoona one is pretty good as well funny cause ALL the MC (males) wants to be with her. Hyori is AMAZING! the guys follow everyone of her commands whatever she says they follow!

After the whole entire stressful experiences of this week I’m kinda glad that it’s OVER! YEHAHHAHA

I really want to post somemore but I’m too busy watching FO, I’ll post more later

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