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March 26, 2009

Ok, after I finished my exams the first thing I wanted to do was BLOG~~!

First of all, umm with the return of 2AM in the charts with their new emotional ballad single I took interest in the boys and whenever 2AM is mentioned there ALWAYS will be mention of 2PM,

Now this clip is from a showed called Every1 Idol in which 2PM was the MC for Season three. I have NOTHING against brotherly LOVE, except this game was just….ummmm ok?? *raise eyebrow*

ANyway, the goal of the game in the clip was to suck the paper and get it to the last person, it was two teams against each other and when I watched the clip I was like ( O_________O )

Okay, which remainded me that I must find that clip of HeeChul kissing Si won and Sungmin and some guy from TRAX,

I’ll try to get those up ASAP but I’m too busy watching 2PM perform they are better than I thought ….ok I take that back! WTF went wrong with Chasung’s voice *shiver*

Ok here is a quick clip of Hee chul kissing Shiwon, keep in mind that it was the THIRD guy that he kisseed …

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