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SNSD = Girl’s Generation

March 17, 2009

Lately, I’ve been REALLY into Kpop thus I am so in the loop! In a crazy sort of way (like checking allkpop for news every couple of minutes)

Anyway, it surprised me how some people have no ideas about Girl Groups! Namely Girl’s Generation. Their new song Gee has made them so popular that, when someone said that she had no idea who they were I was a little shocked. Because that someone knew quite a LOT about Kpop so I was a bit shocked. (Big Bang, Wheesung)

Due to the fact that their is SO much news about them (shocking I know jks) I decided to post about them –> before going about my private life.


in the group we have the beautiful Yoona, sporty Yuri, funny Sunny, crazy Tiffany, leader Taeyeon, Skinny Sooyung, maknae (youngest) Seohyun, dancer Hyuneon (?) and ice princess Jessica!

I love their song and they have done well. Although it was sad because Yuri only sang one part of Gee, their other songs are not bad just not as good!

They are the female counter part of Super Junior, who may I say are going EXTREMEly well with their new single “Sorry Sorry”

1st in online sales, go the boys! I just hope that some members get to sing a little MOre.


Ultra HOT Choi shi won! He has a hot body too!

Back to reality

Just had a Jap writting test today, not too bad. Wasnt hard ( it never is) I just hope I used enough gramar points.

Currently half studying for maths (>.<“) geometry I hate u

and yeah~~

funniest video of BB ever (ok maybe not)

but it made me like Daesung!

So watch It

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  1. sujuluvxox permalink
    March 17, 2009 8:04 am


    thx for sharing nice to know :p


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