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March 14, 2009

こんにちは、 来週の月曜日はに日本語のテストがあって、いま勉強したいです。

“嘘です” 勉強しりたくない、けど。。。。。。。


月曜日はしゅ学のテストもあります、大切から勉強します。 勉強がほしんですか

ら図書館に行った。 でもかかるの後で、図書館ははいらない。図書館は閉鎖した。

(T_____________T) ああああ~

どする? 家に帰りました、何もしない!


I wonder if blogging in Japanese counts as studying??

Probably not, I am very tired of exponetials and log!

I hate it how they are never differentiate or integrated in the same way!

I shall shove some laws in here, I wonder if it’ll help me! EHhehee

Interesting graph:derive1
any way, the rules are so annoying to find on the internet, cause it’s all pictures (i’m too lazy, to post them all)

So I shall type it out !  MUHAHAHAHA

First: Differentiation

When differentiating e to the power of x, the answer is ex. Differentiating e to the power of ax+b. it becomes

ae to the power of ax+b.

differentiating e to the f(x), becomes f'(x)e to the power of f(x),

WIth LOGS it’s a totally different story. y’ of lnx becomes x to the power of -1.

y’ of lnf(x) becames f'(x) on top of f(x). When the log is linear but to the power of like 8. Differentiate normally on the bracket then diff the inside and multiply.

SECOND: Integrating

intergrating e to the x, becomes ex. intergrating e to the ax+b = e to the ax+b divided by a. or 1/a multiply e to the ax+b 

Integrating e to the f(x). First make sure the constant is infront of the expression. ….then ok I’ve lost it


ok going to find bloody maths books ……ummm no rule for it??? STRANGE



Integrating logs.

-1/x = logX +c

– f'(x)/ f(x) = log f(x) +c

*SIGH* “I WILL REMEMBER IT !!!~~ I do already!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. March 16, 2009 12:27 pm

    omg LING what the hell were u doing?? LOL
    ur weird LOL

    ANYWAYS u know that 2U question?
    u said to differentiate log (log f(x))
    i know how to do that man LOL
    it’s simple i’ll show u

    since dy/dx of log f(x)= f'(x)/f(x);
    thus, dy/dx of log (log f(x))= f'(x)/log f(x)
    simple? it’s the same, just cause the function is log f(x) it’s abit confusing but overall u apply the same thing. just substitute f(x) to log f(x)!!
    happy reading 😀

  2. rarefish permalink*
    March 17, 2009 4:47 am

    Esther wow so you commented on my blog so that u could teach me a maths question!
    Wow, it’s Esther alright!

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