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March 14, 2009

In other Kpop news, lately all the famous popular, whatever songs that are winning mutizien awards and on top of the charts have ONE thing in common. THeir english chorus.

For example. gee gee gee gee baby baby baby

then it was honey honey honey

now with the release of Super Junior’s new single (after 1yr something months … a long time)

It’s chorus is sorry sorry, shawty shawty

I wonder if it’ll be a hit, it’s already gaining popularity. I mean it’s somewhat of a good thing, because at least I can see Super Junior perform and win as oppose to Girl’s Generation. Nothing against them just a LITTLE sick of ‘GEE’

But I’m not a fan of shiwon’s new [I need to use all my gel] hair. Which has appeared TOO many time (TOP,GD)


My BIG BANG boys were in CHINA, in Dalian.

Okay, maybe after the initial shock of knowing they are in China, I realised heck, thats not even NEAR where I live. Not that I live THAT far away just not that near.

But then my MOM reminded me. (see i screamed a little when I saw that they went to china [in sadness])

that Iris as in IQ lives in Dalian!! OMG OMGEEE“`


breathing and all

haemoglobin and all ~~

Most recommanded VIDEO!

Good song. Sorry sorry sorry sorry

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