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April Fools??

March 7, 2009

Hell NO! April Rulez!!! kekeke

Yeah, GD’s solo album will come out in April!! CANT WAIT~~ Then Taeyang and then around HSC time = BIg BAng Come back STAGE!!! Woohh~~~

I hope to GOD , GD doesnt wear his alien suit again! *shiver* the pony tail + the horrible green suit = alien

Another day, another chemistry lesson, where Helen goes ‘We’ve learnt this in class’ and I’m thinking ‘….when?’

I wonder how was English at that HSC thingo, they annoyed the crap out of me by canceling Chem…WHAT AM I GONNA DO~~~ Stupid Production of Material

Speaking of which ——— 217 days to HSC !


I do not feel prepared thus I cannot relate to Vivien wanting to do it ASAP. *sigh* I just hope I did ok on that Log&expo maths test. ALthough I got the first question wrong, I got 2/3 of the last question right! Shame it’s not counted though.

During Viva Bishoujo, I found two adorable little (yr 7?) girls, who were watching DBSK on their Ipod. Can’t describe how I felt. Sort of shocked, I mean it’s an ANime club, but of course it is ok to indulge in Kpop in the mean time.

Anyway, sorta out of instincts I asked “Do you know Big Bang?” Of course for all the science nerds out their (yours truly included of course) THey would be thinking about the history of Earth etc, etc.

But their reply totally MADE MY DAY! Not only did they say “Yes!” It was so amazingly enthusiastic I knew I had two little VIP on my hands! Of course the next thing I could ask was “who is your favourite member?”

If they said Daesung, I would categorise them with Esther, if they said Taeyang it would be Meike,

if they said Seungri…………not gonna go there. IF they said TOP, it would be Shirley, Amanda, Meike & me (initally)

If they  said GD>…….AHAHAHAHA ♥♥ (He’s still mine)

Well one of them said “Taeyang,”, ummm interesting I wonder if she knew who muscular he is? They other said “GDRANGON!” AHAHAHAHA.

Yeah Fangirlism to the Max. But despite my extremely over the TOP reaction, they were fine. So I definitely think that I will get along with them just FINE. hehehe


Yes it is the life version of BB that is the same as my banner!


Pic for all TOP fangirls


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