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February 28, 2009

I REALLY want to sing right now~~ I just feel like it really badly. I also want to sing K at SMASH!

SMASH!!!! it’s like right in the middle of our Trials but I still wanna go… I must go! I am managing the ‘VivA BiSHOUJOs’ Club, and we must have a FANATASTIC convention experience!

The meeting this Friday was a mix between good and terrible, first  I forgot to bring the CD with the anime we were going to Screen, *in comes Lucie the life saver* with the AVI version that saved my butt.

Then it was the stupid  cords that “cannot connect”, but with my magic touch voila ~ it was in…. then it was the problem that the computer and the projector couldnt talk to each other… >.<

So in the end we didnt manage to get a screening going. BUt I do enjoy working with  every one on the ‘decision team’, and I enjoy running it. ALthough my legs were hurting a little. JKS

It was fun and now I will ALWAYS look forward to Fridays!!


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  1. March 1, 2009 6:34 am

    Sorry I didn’t comment earlier… I was away CANOEING 8D Woooo
    Hahaha @ the name. It’ll grow on me… I guess I like how it can be abbreviated to VB muahahahaha! Even though every time I think of ‘bishoujo’ I think of that blonde lady from Galaxy Express 999 ( BLONDE HAIR AND EYELAAAASHES TO THE MAX YEAH!!!!).

    The day was definitely a mix of good and bad. Sucked to hell that the computer couldn’t log in. It was like, we got over two crisises (the anime dilemna, the projector dilemna) and then FINALLY IT COULDN’T LOG IN! Oh well. They’ll fix it for next week.

    Thanks for the lollipops. Also thanks for breaking my neck hahahaha omg… after you attacked me I had this crink in my neck for all of friday and saturday… I can’t feel it now, though, on Sunday WHICH IS A GOOD THING because it means less medical bills wooooo.

    My heart went back into Year 9 mode and melted at the Ed/Al/Winry pic.
    I should update my blog sometime but I’m so laaaazy. >:3


    I always write too much on the net

  2. rarefish permalink*
    March 1, 2009 7:57 am

    Yes the irony indeed
    after being on the computer for about 6 hours, i’m half dead.
    Bo assessment coming up and I havnt even started studying….SHIT
    u went canoeing??
    was it fun?
    No dont answer that.
    I dont think I want to know

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