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Chocolate Advice part 2

February 22, 2009

As I was making my way through the entire box of Dove chocolates, i found a couple of new Chocolately advices!

1. Walk towards the light…or the dark or even the milk. <– I thought this was really funny! Because at first I was thinking what is that a after death metaphor and I thought ‘oh right, so that’s how it is!’

2. My favourite colour is chocolate. <– The chocolate is talking about favouriting itself! What a self centred chocolate!

3.Smile. Every 7 minutes someone doing aerobics pulls a hamstring. <– Is it suggesting that we smile at someone elses miseries?? Such a cruel chocolate. But I wonder if it’s true?

4. Happy ending Guaranteed. <– What? That’s a lie!! I’m outraged that anime I watched didn’t end happily! I might sue them, since they said Guaranteed. kekeke

5. Money talks but  chocolate sings. <– money doesn’t talk! (I know it’s a saying) But really when I asked that caramel chocolate to sing to me it totally ignored me and just kept melting in my mouth! Ah such lies!!!  In the end I ended up singing to the chocolate! ” i want nobody nobody but you. I want nobody nobody but you”!


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