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February 20, 2009

Well, today has been a fairly BIG day. Much has happened since YESTERDAY, and in all honest I’m quite confused at the moment. But none the less, happier. (THat may be all the chocolates that I ate talking)

Even though I shared all the chocolates with my family, there is still lots left, which is cool —> MORE FOR Me


The writter of the offensive and cruel letter to Linda was revealed today. I’m not sure if I’m suprised (ok that’s a lie, I was pretty suprised). And well, Lantis is cool and calm, but lets just say. She’s a good person and wouldnt react in such a way that the REST of the group might. *Imagining if it had been someone else* Omm, not a good image. I’m pretty sure anybody else would have freaked and tried to KILL KILL KILL

Glad that it’s (sorta) solved though, an incident like that is not healthy for anybody…i mean REALLY!

On to a happier note, the anime and manga club was funish and I meet some cute little yr 7s. They are adorable, not looking forward to what puberty can do to them though! Ha (jks)


Cute chibi pictures from Kare Kano. It’s all the neko talk that tempted me to post this picture~ CuTE

Bye Minna

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  1. February 20, 2009 7:45 am

    Hahaha, XD quite a few people on the Committee were in year nine, too. A lot of pro-active year nines! Stephanie was year 11, though, and I’m not sure about Serena/Sarina (the ‘scribe’ one XD going to have to learn everyone’s names orz). A lot of people are so nice. :3 ///

    *talked with some more people too, walking up the stairs and going home, talking about CATS hahahaha* :’D BE PROUD OF ME LING I’M SOCIALISING.

    Wow, Ling, you’re SO SO great at running this club thing… I’m way too SHHHYYY (OTL I feel so socially retarded and awkward), but I really like how we’ve got an organising team going so it’s like… TEAM EFFORT COMMITTEE OF RAINBOWS.
    I’m also brainstorming lots of ideas for activities and will write up the schedule. I think I’d rather be the ‘organisation’ person, if that’s okay. XDD I don’t like being in the spotlight, but the brainstorming thing is fun. 8D !

    Do you want me to try and get an episode of Lovely Complex in AVI for the first screening? Since, you know, fast internets and all. I could manage it, and we could get it in higher quality (and then revert back to CHEAP low quality RMVB when the Club becomes more popular hahaha)

    I’ve got some more ideas since today (this afternoon, as miss cato made me the ‘extra activity thinking person’ aaagghh), so I’ll have to call you to discuss them! XD Definitely! I reckon we’re going to be calling eachother MUCH MORE FREQUENTLY because of the club now, hahaha.

    I came away from today feeling a mixture of slight stress and happiness from mingling with exciting like-minded people. >w< It’s SO FUNNY how everyone understands eachother, but I do feel sorry for miss cato. XD anyway, enough from me! I’m still excited! I’ll call you about it soon! *writes down more ideas* 8D


  2. February 20, 2009 7:46 am

    I’m posting on every entry you make I’M SUCH A STALKER.


  3. rarefish permalink*
    February 20, 2009 7:55 am

    Lucie you make me Laugh SO badly!
    Yeah I do agree about the very proactive commitee we had, although I guess if everyone joined in we can REALLY make the Club awesome!
    If you want to be the organisational person THAN GO FOR IT~ knock yourself out!
    I PERSONALLY would like to be in the spotlight (not in a look at me look at me sorta way)
    More like, ….. ok maybe a bit in the look at me look at me sorta way!

    @ 2comment
    You are NOT a stalker because it is the only way u can talk to me.. since I’m not a MSN person
    Dont kill yourself because if you do I GET YOUR MANGA & YOUR DOG (AHAHAHA~~evil laugh)

  4. rarefish permalink*
    February 20, 2009 7:57 am

    By the way, my blog now automaticaly (?) approve your comments, it’s quite funny

  5. February 20, 2009 8:04 am

    LOL you actually want Nipper. XD How cute.
    And yeah, true! This is my mode of talking to you so I get to spam your blog with comments! >:D
    hahaha, I think everyone sees you as the Main Leader right now! Which is awesome because… XD I’m more reluctant! I’d rather be your backing support 8D. I’m googling ideas right now and have a few down… maybe we should do some get-to-know-you games with anime themes as well, or something, later, but I’ve got normal fun games too.
    LOL hahaha it’s alright, we need a leader person who’s confident and social! 8D

    Yay your blog automatically approves my comments. Now I can write your darkest secrets here and everyone can see before you delete them! Muahahaha! If only I knew them…

    Also, I replied to the comment on your blog. XD Hope it helps you out! If it doesn’t, I’m sorry. *dies* So hard to explain!

  6. rarefish permalink*
    February 20, 2009 9:24 am

    You are so STRANGE, my DAD was on my blog and i just shooed him away, before he read my rants and then I find out u commented again!!!
    *HaPPINESS* Anyhow, I dont mind being the main leader, because I am saggitarious (?) –> I feel like I cant spell

    LoL at the fact that you dont know my secrets.
    I wander if you’ll less of me if you knew them … (T>T)
    i’ll read your reply and see if i can make sense of it!

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