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Kpop Throwback – 1

January 19, 2014

This is something I’m starting because I’m getting back into Korean music but not the new songs – the older songs! HAHA this is one of my old favourites! Break Up by Electroboyz – Gikwang of BEAST was in this group in this song (might be part of the reason why I like it so much!) 😛


Why I’m no longer a Kpop fan girl – Part 1

November 20, 2013

Basically I haven’t blogged in this blog for almost FOUR years since my last post (the IU one) was posted in May of 2011 and by then I was already losing interest rapidly in kpop! That is why I didn’t get to see this blog grow AT ALL but when I checked this year I was genuinely really shocked at the statistics!

blog traffic

So for everyone/anyone that’s ever read this blog here’s the explanation of why I’m no longer a Kpop fan girl.

1.     DBSK disbanded, Big Bang was on a hiatus, Jay Park left Korea/2PM and Super Junior went different ways. 

These are just some of my personal issues with Kpop or changes that I never quite dealt with, ESPECIALLY DBSK!

So DBSK disbanded /split up (apparently there is a difference in these two terms but to be honest it feels the same to me because DBSK is NOT DBSK with just Changmin and Yunho!) in 2011 and that was the moment where I became just an ordinary listener and no longer a CRAZY FANGIRL!


DBSK when they first debuted! 


Mirotic – the happiest Kpop moments of my life! ❤ 

Here is the beginning of my Kpop Story: I got into Kpop at the end of year 8 NINE YEARS AGO– so when I was 14 and from then on I was OBSESSED! The first group I ever heard a Korean song from was you guessed it – DBSK! After watching them lip synch ‘Hug’ which was their debut song I was in love almost feverishly with all of them which meant I spent the rest of my summer holiday break listening to every song release by them and my favourite even to this day is still Rising Sun!!


At the time I didn’t even know Youtube was (don’t think it even existed..ok I’m just old) and the video was downloaded from a forum on my computer and I spent SO much time watching them, memorising lyrics and just watching EVERY single variety show they ever appeared in!


Obviously I was a Cassiopeia and was proud of my fandom especially in my biases which was constantly changing! At first I fell in love with Changmin’s cuteness in the Hug video especially his cute smile and mushroom hair! 😀

max changmin dbsk

Then I moved on to Jaejoong for this perfect good looks and amazing hair! He is a true beauty (prettier than me by FARRRRRRRRRR, I can only dream of such beauty)! He’s having a comeback soon I heard 😀 SUPPORT HIM!

jaejoong -1

Then it was Yunho for his amazing power dance skills on the variety shows! His dancing was impeccable plus he is so athletic and charismatic! Honestly the best Leader-sshi that I know! He was the one that taught me abs on a guy is HOT!


yunho uknow

Of course then it was Xiah Junsu! OMG His voice! When Timeless came out I lost all my feelings for the other members and Xiah became my ultimate bias based on just his voice not looks or body.

xiah junsu dbsk

And my childhood dream of meeting them came true partly this year when Xiah came to Sydney – I WENT TO HIS CONCERT IN STANDING VIP! Yes I was losing my voice from work but I screamed so much and he didn’t disappoint me even in the slightest way! His ballads were perfect and his dancing was amazing as well of course there was fan service involved as he performed Kiyomi upon requests from fans and it was ADORABLE ❤

xiah junsu concert

With Mickey Yuchun/ Yoochun I never had a thing for him mainly because the friend that introduced me to kpop put massive dibs on him! Which I didn’t mind because he isn’t really my type (Yes I determine my type of men based on Kpop idols…what is reality?)

But here’s a picture anyway for good measure:

yuchun mickey yoochun

So when Jaejoong, Xiah and Mickey ended their contract at SM Entertainment and left the company to form JYJ – I was crying. No jokes emotional tears were found EVERYWHERE!! I couldn’t even begin to contain the sadness that I felt even though to be honest I spent the last year fangirling mainly over Big Bang and not DBSK. The truth is I LOVE DBSK THE MOSTEST out of all Kpop groups! They’re the reason I was into the entire culture in the first place! Their existence made my difficult puberty years maybe 50% more bearable.


My love of them extended to every way of fandom – I had all their merchandise,  listened to their songs so much I could sing every word, memorised all their birthdays and even listen to their Japanese songs even though I dislike Kpop singers singing in Japanese but that’s another story all together!


Two years ago Sydney had a kpop concert and I went to it – at the time I wasn’t as into Kpop anymore but was still into it enough to LOVE THE CONCERT TO BITS! But when DBSK (CHangmin and Yunho) performed I ALMOST CRIED.. not because they were good performers they definitely were but I never thought the day I see DBSK perform 3 of them won’t be THERE!!!!!! If it’s not obviously DBSK splitting up really made me lose hope in Kpop and essentially BROKE MY HEART </3 Of course I know that it was what JYJ wanted and in the end I respect the difficulties that come with the idol lifestyle and difficult contract. I can respect their decision but it doesn’t make it ANY EASIER to swallow my sadness about the whole thing… Here’s an OLD DBSK song that I just cannot get over how good it was!!


Prior to the heartbreak of DBSK something else extremely upsetting also happened – I was always a HUGE fan of 2pm because I admired their dance abilities plus strength and when ‘Again and Again’ came out I was again obsessed!

But this time my obsession was extremely short lived because Jay Park’s comment on MySpace blew up soon after the promotion started and he was forced out of Korea to go back to America L I LOVE JAY (was about to type LOVED but that would be wrong I STILL LOVE HIM)! To see him leave again left me feeling broken and upset especially because I found the entire ordeal extremely unfair for Jay!

jay park

jay park abs

I even blogged about it at the time –! And the strange thing is that post was what made my blog popular in the Kpop world for a while! But to be honest I was very disappointed and disheartened by everything that happened also I had to study for my HSC exam so I became to slip away from the scene bit by bit. The only thing that comforts me about this is that I got to see him in concert in Sydney last year and OMG HE IS HOT ❤  I’m glad he is still around! Especially on instagram all the ab photos heeheh :3 

Super Junior is another one of the groups I adored in my youth even though there was so many of them it took me 3 days just to memorise their names & recognise who they were – but bit by bit SuJu split off. I can’t even remember how it started but I’m thinking it was Kim Kibum leaving to be an actor then Heechul leaving for the army, HangGeun getting his contract terminated then leaving SuJu permanently soon after there was Kangin’s scandals and then he left for the army also. Don’t quote me on the order that all this happened but these things definitely happened (I still remember it!)

super junior


My faith in SMEnt for SuJu was only restored slightly this year when Henry FINALLY got to debut as a solo artist with ‘Trap’! Seriously I’ve known about this talented young man for SO many years – ever since he joined SJM because he could speak so many languages and play so many instruments as well! I’m very happy that he finally got his chance to shine! And HangGeun is doing very well in China as well although it’s mainly due to his amazing youthful good looks!

I never really had a crazy bias from Suju as much as I liked them I liked them as a WHOLE so it was weird for me to see them slowly leave one by one.. another sad moment in Kpop for me!

The above things are PART of the reason why I’m no longer a Kpop fan girl. Part 2,3,4 and maybe more are coming soon!

To be honest I wrote this post just so I can look through my old photos of Kpop idols! ESP DBSK ❤ and to listen to their songs again… I miss them SO MUCH!

Part 2: new generation of Kpop!



August 16, 2013

IT has been what 3 years since I last posted in this blog? XD YOU GUYS STILL READ IT OMG THANKYOU! ❤ I absolutely ADORE every person that reads the things that I write it makes me the happiest girl out there ❤ now to be honest my love for kpop has not being as strong as previously mainly because the music just wasn’t to my palette anymore! Also there was an OVER abundance of groups plus the over air play of Gangnam Style! But this post is NOTHING ABOUT THAT! ITS ABOUT GROWL!

OMG WHATS CANNOT EXPRESS HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS DANCE!! SERIOUSLY ITS AMAZING ❤ I’ve never been a huge fan of EXO – History and Mama were the only songs I knew and I played regular but honestly now I LOVE THEM!!! 😀

The dance is sooo well choregraphed and EXO really execute to perfection! The musicality is amazing!! So for all those that HAVEN’T SEEN IT WATCH ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!! And yes I shall attempt to learn the dance! hahaah XD


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IU <3

May 4, 2011

SHES COME SOOO FAR!!! The little girl from 2 years ago who JUST debuted & was made famous by her acoustic versions of popular idol songs such as Gee & Big Bang’s Lies is FINALLY ALL GROWN UP! She is incredible! Gorgeous and cute <33 i love this girl! hehe

Not only is she talented, her voice is just AMAZING! listenin to it makes me really happy 🙂

and because uni is stressing me out SOOO MUCH i decided to blog about her song for the drama Dream High ( I think xD) hehehe



Download the song! can’t wait for a full version hehehehe

BTW: THANKS to everyone for EVER visiting my blog 🙂  THANK UUU I’m so grateful ALWAYs <33

BEAST’s SHOCKing live

March 5, 2010

BEAST is Cube entertainment’s first boy band which debuted last year with hit track Bad Girl then Mystery. Both song were ADORDED by me. I love BEAST!!!! They remind me of Big Bang plus 2PM. This year BEAST/B2ST came back with a new mini album and a HIT track SHOCK.

Needless to say I LOVE THE SONG! Catchy and a fast track, exactly my type of song. But what surprised me (or SHOCKed me) was their live performance! AMAZING! Very impressive, they don’t seem to be a rookie group at all. Stage presence, charisma & great vocals! I’m especially amazed at yooseob’s vocals, it’s PERFECT, the toning, pitch EVERYTHING! I do hope he is singing live XP

Of course the eye candy was also very satisfying – I determined to learn all their names now!

Check out their LIVE of SHOCK


January 25, 2010

Girl’s generation’s new track has been RELEASED in full


Well…It’s VERY autotuned with very little vocal show (missing Taeyeon’s beautiful voice) and the catchiest part is the bit from the teaser (which happens to be my favourite bit). Jessica’s voice is really standing out to me, I recognise it immediately!! I think I’ll get into the song once the MV is out. But I don’t think this song is as much of a HIT as Gee or Genie. But then again I’m biased!

C.N Blue member profiles

January 23, 2010

I fell in LOVE with this group after hearing I’m a loner, it is currently on repeat in my Ipod!! After watching the MV I decided to find out more about this group that received 5 out of 5 from F.T Island’s lead singer Hongki!

Here are their member profiles: & the Romanized lyrics to I’m a loner

Read more…